When does Amazon free shipping start?

IIRC, Amazon offers free shipping for everyone, including non-Prime members, starting sometime during the holiday shopping season. Does anyone know when that starts? TIA.

Also, when it says "free shipping on items over $25" on Amazon, does each item have to be over $25? Thanks, folks.

I don't know about free shipping for everyone.

The $25 limit is for the total in your shopping cart, before tax. (For items "shipped by Amazon", or from Amazon as the seller.)

According to the below Amazon link, we won't know the dates until Dec.1st.




And, it is Dec 1st...

Dec 3 and still nothing. Maybe they won't do it this year. I'm accumulating things and whenever they reach $25 I order. Or I use filleritem.com if I'm close to $25.

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