What's with all the long surveys?

Hate those long surveys that are wordy and have too many options to click. For that amount of effort, we should be earning 1000 silvers.

I agree. I still made a ton of Go Daddy points yesterday, though.

The pictures are way too small, though. Hard to offer my opinion on something I can barely see.

I haven't seen Go Daddy. Definitely agree with the picture issue on some of the surveys. I keep trying to zoom in...... I'm using a low-res 4" screen.

I keep getting screened out of the few surveys that I get. And then I get the "Oops someone ate all the surveys" message.

You need to figure out who they want.

My student loans have been paid off for 20 years but I know that I always need to "still owe money on my student loans."

For Go Daddy you need to be a small business owner. (I actually am.)

For many surveys you need to be a home owner. (I am.)

You need to be a member of an HOA. (I'm not, but I am in the surveys.)

I've been getting lots of surveys about jewelry, makeup, clothes, and other female-specific topics.

Be flexible in who you are and you'll get more surveys. :slight_smile:

I may not owe student loans but I identify as a student loan ower. (You're allowed to do that, these days.)

Good luck!

Chelle wrote: "You need to figure out who they want."
Aah, that makes a lot of sense. Stupid me! Thanks for the tip!

ETA - About getting surveys for makeup and jewelry etc, how do they know your gender? Do they keep track of all the answers on your previous surveys - that would be a little creepy.

When you first start cellnuvo or when you reset Google I'd

The cellnuvo app asks your gender , salary, occupation, ect

That is how they know

Plus we all know women get better and more ads.

I suspect most here
are cellnuvo women.

If you want to change your type just reset your Google I'd.

If not sure how. Just pm me. I will help ya

Sometimes I suspect I'm a CellNuvo woman.

I had my suspicions lol

I'm so glad that the club has so many new members!


But only sometimes, though.