What's the opposite of "Owning the Libs"?

Jan 5 2021 - Georgia Special Election means Republicans lose control of Senate

Jan 6 2021 - VP Pence will confirm Joseph R Biden Jr & Kamala D Harris as President & Vice President

Jan 20 2021 - Democrats control Presidency, Senate, House. Can expand the Supreme Court to 69 members, appoint Hilary Clinton as AG to go after the Trump family, George Soros as Commerce Secretary to implement the globalist endgame agenda, Hugo Chavez as Defense Secretary to implement communist martial law

If the Democrats were to do any of that they would be every bit as bad as Trump and those that enabled him. Presuming responsible Democrats such as Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly meant it when they said they opposed ending the Filibuster few if any progressive fantasies (or corresponding fears on the other side) are likely to become reality. As for any warranted investigations of soon to be former President Trump and/or his family and associates, I suggest the politicians stay out of it and leave it to the professionals.

Anyone claiming a mandate from the 2020 election results is deluding themselves. What the Democrats do have with unified but narrow control is an opportunity to demonstrate they are actually more responsible when governing as opposed to campaigning. Time will tell on that. Meanwhile, I look forward, hopefully, to the political temperature being turned down. Frankly, I'm tired of the rhetoric from both sides. Let's see some (preferably bipartisan) results.

I think ending the filibuster would make things more democratic (small d). Now politicians hide behind the filibuster. Let them pass whatever they pass and then the voters can vote them in or out.

I wish the DOJ was more independent from the politicians. Now no Democratic DOJ will investigate Republicans and no Republican DOJ will investigate Democrats. It's like the crooks have a silent agreement: don't go after my side and I won't go after yours. "For the good of the country" and other BS. They mean "For the good of the crooks". The chance Biden's DOJ investigates Trump, or gives the investigation to a neutral prosecutor, is a big fat zero.

What voter will reward the politicians he/she voted for if they govern from the center? Maybe 5 out of 100. Maybe 10. But certainly not enough to win an election. Will the left reward Democrats if they ignore their agenda and govern from the center? Would the right reward Republicans if they ignore their values and cooperate with Democrats?

Say an elected politician before the election was saying 'if you vote for me I will do A', 'if you vote for me I will do A', 'if you vote for me I will do A', and once he/she is elected doesn't. What motivation will voters have to go vote for him/her next time? Enough voters to cause him/her to lose the next election won't vote for him/her. They won't go vote for his opponent, but they'll stay home.