What's going on with Google services?

Yesterday, Youtube looked weird and was fine later. Today, just now, Hangouts app signed out and I could not sign back in. This is on Chromebook.

Hangouts App had been replaced with Hangouts Chrome Extension.

Uninstall the app from your Chromebook and install the Hangouts extension from the Chrome Web Store.

The YouTube problem was separate. It was a system wide outage and they've been reluctant to share the cause.

The Hangout app still works it seems

It shouldn't be. I got an email that said they were sunsetting the app in favor of the browser extension and to make the switch asap.

Strange, I am logged back on using the app... maybe they changed their mind?

Well they put the dialer on Google voice app to take over from hangout

Google voice updates app

Just made a call Hangouts app

From Wikipedia:

Desktop Application Decommission:

In September 2018, the desktop Chrome app version of Hangouts began displaying these banner messages at the top of its window: "The Hangouts Chrome app will be replaced by the Hangouts Chrome extension soon. Learn more" and "GET CHROME EXTENSION".

Death of Hangouts App on Chrome


"The Hangouts Chrome app will stop working soon. If you’re using the Hangouts Chrome app, switch to the Hangouts Chrome extension. To prevent issues, don't use both the Chrome app and extension at the same time."

But this is different then hangout on Google play right?

Correct. The phone apps will continue to work, for now. It's only the PC and Mac apps that are transitioning to browser extensions.

I read hangouts app is phasing out. Google voice app is better text app and now has a dialer to replace hangouts

Hence, my use of the phrase, "for now"...