What takeaway meal did you enjoy today?

I'm fortunately surrounded by several Thai restaurants, a couple of them making Thai food as good as I've had anywhere in the world.

We sometimes get lunch special combos which are enough for maybe 2 meals. I got Jasmine Rice with basil chicken and Panang Nur. Comes with salad and soup. Unfortunately, they mistakenly gave me chicken instead of beef in the Panang Nur, but it was still very good.

Having Chipotle today as it's free delivery Mondays at the moment.

But it turned out that their delivery price is higher which was not the case with their previous free delivery promos.

Sometimes a generous employee will put in plenty of meat which along with the extra beans and extra rice means it's close to enough for 2 meals.



That might have been a better option because Chipotle were really really light with our burrito bowls today.

Gahhhhhh. I clicked the 'Beef & Noodles' option. Weight is 7.5oz or 213g. But 213g have 990mg of sodium!

Hormel should change its name to Sodiumel! :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be just one of many reasons not to buy food from a mainstream American food corporation.

Got a full refund from Chipotle and also, since I'm on their mailing list, found out that Carne Asada is back on the menu. Yay!

Burger king for family today

Oddly enough BK was trending on twitter today because some people were getting a coupon for a $2 meal - 10 chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, fries, drink.

What did you end up getting?

Was out and about yesterday and decided to get PF Changs who have curbside delivery.

Was going to get the Family Meal for 4 but a little math revealed that buying Two of the Family Meals for 2 was a lot more food for just a little more $.

We ended up adding another entree which meant we ended up getting more food than the Family Meal for 6 for a little more $.

In retrospect, Three of the Family Meals for 2 would have been even better value for money but we were already over $100 by now with tax and tip.

Still, the food was enough for 2 days and went well with a Chateau Ste. Michelle Gewürztraminer.

Is it just me or was there a post here about KFC and Bud Lite?

Sounds delicious. :sick: