What phone cases do you like?

I had to buy new cases for two new phones and after a lot of looking, I ended up buying Spigen.

Apart from generic, we've used Speck, Ringke and Casemate and been happy, but I'm impressed with Spigens quality, wide assortment, fit, feel and slimness.

I think there was one a while back specifically for a particular Samsung model that had an integrated touch keyboard that communicated via NFC instead of bluetooth or a wire. That's probably the only one that's caught my attention in years (edit: unfortunately, by the time it happened, I would no longer have seriously considered a Samsung). I used to use the cheap snap-on plastic shells, and there was a floppy rubbery one for the Nokia n900 that I thought had handled the slider in a kind of impressive way.

Spigen has been our go-to brand for years whenever we've needed phone cases. In our experience, they really protect well from accidental drops and they never wear out.

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Don't like that one.........


Or, if one already has a good phone case..... there's this option @ only $2 each.