What is the cheapest way to get a lot of data each month?

Say I want to use, like, 10G on my phone each month. Either hotspot or cellular data.
What's the best option?

I'm not aware of any deal better than the 4gCommunity deal. The first year is $250, which includes the hotspot, and subsequent years are $168. That's $14/mo for unlimited, unthrottled data.

Sprint also has a one year free plan, right now, with some hoops to jump through and a few prerequisites. That's a possibility, as well.

Mintsim $399 a year for 10gb. You can get the first year for $320. Tmobile may be better than sprint for you.

Some people use an att mobley car device by buying a few parts to allow it to use a regular charger (rather than a car charger). See howardforums for details. The unlimited plan was $20 but I think it is $40 a month now.

There was a $50 unlimited verizon deal here -How to get unlimited Verizon hotspot data for $50 a month. Shh, it's a secret!

And chelle already covered sprint.

You could also get it free if you are willing to swap several (as in 10+) freedompop sims (att). Mix with freedompop sprint devices and also could do some free cellnuvo data if you are willing to swipe for it. You could probably get to 10gb for free with some work. But not really that practical.

Maybe you can find a better answer if you can describe your planned usage. Is this for at home use? Traveling and kids playing videos? Or just surfing and checking emails on the road.

Other options:

Verizon Unlimited Data Plan 10 lines $35 or little less/per line.
T-Mobile Unlimited Plan 8 lines $30/per line.

It's live streaming on the road. Last billing cycle I had 4GB on Twigby, and I used it up in, like, 10 days...

Looks like what chelles recommend is best for you.

Only thing is sprint best for live streaming?

My history shows tmobile much faster and reliable

I have both and don't really notice a difference between streaming with T-Mobile and Sprint.

Well on my travels sprint gets 4g only half the time. And inside a building it is 3g only

Sprint 4g is 8 to 16 meg
Tmobile 4g is 12 to 48 meg

I see a huge difference with sprint vs tmobile

Thanks a lot. I already ordered 4Gcommunity (and I plan to use it at home too, my current home internet is outrageously expensive).