What is the best Paygo plan for Cellbuvo?

As CellNuvo has launched new payment options, I was looking to choose a paygo plan to fund from my CellNuvo app.

I know that T mobile had a $3/ month paygo option. Does anyone know of any other paygo option for the available payment methods currently offered in the app?

Good question. I've always wanted to find out what's the bare minimum $ to start and sustain an AT&T line.

There is a $2 a day att prepaid plan with unlimited talk and text (charged only on the days you use it). $1 for 100mb data to add to that. Or one with talk at 25c (data not possible). Not sure how much airtime you need to buy a year to maintain those - probably $100 for the 1 year refill card.


If they get amazon integration setup I think a good option is a speedtalk annual plan. This is on tmobile. Cheapest is $60 a year for 250 mins/texts/data per month in any combination eg 100mins/50 texts/100mb = 250. Works out at 2c a min/text/mb

They also do some tracfone pins but they aren't that great value on amazon.

Or a H20 $100 refill card to use on their paygo plan (att). 5c a min/text 10c a mb. 1 year of service. There is a little mark up on amazon but not too bad. Costs $115.

AT&T has some paygo plans that look ok for lite users. Wrong number calls and Robocalls might make this a poor deal. There's also a 25cent per min. paygo plan.

Unlimited nationwide talk & text
Pay only on days used

Buy a Data Add-On for your plan at att.com/myprepaid

$45 monthly plan – 1GB for $10 or 3GB for $20
$35 monthly plan – 1GB for $10
$30 monthly plan – 250MB for $5
$2 daily plan – 100MB for $1

truphone.com has unlimited FREE incoming calls and texts. Outgoing is 9 cents. You can use a "call back" app and therefore all your calls would be incoming. The sim is 30 bucks but comes with 15 bucks of time on it. I've had mine for 2 years and never had to refill. Uses ATT towers.

Do you know of a good "call back" app? Also, how do they work? Never heard of 'em.

The 'poor mans' version is to call whoever you want and say please call me back on my number I need to talk to you. That way it only cost 9 cents even if you talk 2 hours. The second way is an app called Voice+ in the play store that calls the number then calls you back then connects the number. The third way (and the way I use) is I have a Obi200 hooked up at my house as my landline (connected to Google voice for free in and out calls) It has a setting that if phone number 123-456-7890 calls, it hangs up and calls them back. Once it calls me back I hit * and get a dialtone to place a free outgoing call. But because it actually "called me" to make the connection, the outgoing call is free. So those are 3 different ways. Truphone also has free voicemail and free to check it. I think they are a UK company but I have a local number with them.

This one says it will work with Truphone, but I doubt one will be an able to make free calls with it without Truphone catching on, not to mention ethical concerns. I believe some people have been able to hack their way to free outgoing calls with Truphone by using their GV Obi devices to make free outgoing calls on their cell phones. Yet,as has been discussed before, if everyone were to have both free incoming and outgoing calls using the Truphone sim, things would not end well.


It looks like the only Paygo options as of now to pay with the cellnuvo app are tmobile and ATT......but many more options when Amazon purchases are available with the app