What Is Cellnuvo?

Title speaks for itself. What has Cellnuvo become? Is it a cash back site? An MVNO? An affiliate? What?

Join and find out

I take it your answer is, "I have no idea." Surely you know what they say about assuming. First-hand experience has taught me to take whatever you say, with a grain of salt anyway.

Yes join and get first hand experience. That is what I am saying. Then you can answer this question yourself.

You can give a man a fish and he eats one day or teach him how to fish and he eats for life.

Hope that helps

Go HERE. If you can't directly address that, please

Link broke

Yeah, right.

The topic that sustains the forum.

Indeedy. A never ending story.

The NeverEnding Story.
Bastian prevailed.

Guess I'm not the only only having difficulties classifying CN.

Lyrics speak for themselves!

I believe it's what it's. Or as I've heard others say un-contractioned, it is what it is.


OMG, you made me listen to that entire song. On point, though.

A very uplifting and inspirational song. It's not easy being in the palm of someone's hand---it makes one feel small like a pawn. An old curmudgeon once told me that the road to wisdom begins when one realizes that one should never break a promise, and full wisdom is attained when one realizes that one should never make a promise. On second thoughts, maybe I read that on a fortune cookie.


What if you caveat your promises with "soon"?

:S That would be called "limbo" or "fake" wisdom. Using "soon" causes fools to rush in. By the way, in the real world, it is foolish to think that people can only be fooled once, the only exception being people who were fooled for the first time and that one incident resulted in their deaths. They are the only ones who go to their graves having been only fooled once.



Sometimes in analysis, the best approach isn't to ponder what you see. It's to ponder what you DON'T see. Brainstorming...

"If CellNUVO was a ride-hailing app, then..."

"If CellNUVO was Elvis Dumervil's agent, then..."

"If CellNUVO was a bail bond company, then..."