What I'd like Cellnuvo V4.0 to look like - just some ideas

It is quite clear from the forum chatter that cellnuvo has failed to take into consideration what its core users really want. It is losing customers and I think changes need to be made to stop this. So this is what I think cellnuvo should do bearing in mind the constraints cellnuvo are under:

I'll be blunt and say I've never been that fond of them. Right now the app is far too complicated swiping left and right and it needs to be simple again. I think the daily split-the-pot can stay as it is fun and has some advantages like making sure people swipe each day for their entries. The social media/app review idea seems to work for cellnuvo too. The match game is too much like a lottery and it is incredibly frustrating if you are like me and hardly ever win. The weekly and monthly split pot games are buried too deep and are difficult to keep track off. So get rid of the match all pot and the weekly and monthly split the pot games.

That changes the ads to just a right swipe and the first 20 at 8pm go to split the pot. Nice and simple.

Higher ad payouts
If we remove those games we can have slightly higher ad payouts. Simple and we all will like that. Cellnuvo need to work at getting more ads into the system and ones that pay a decent amount. We used to have a core of 30 silver ads and then it became 15 silver ads. We need to see more ads in the 10-30 point range or people won't bother.

Left swipe
With the games removed the super [strike]silver[/strike] points can come back. These were great for filling quiet periods and some people even made most of their points from these.

Also COUPONS! We all like the way freeup pays us $0.50 a day to print two coupons. It would be fantastic if cellnuvo could arrange something with coupons.com.

Extra ads
There are places in the app I wouldn't mind cellnvuo showing ads to generate extra revenue for them. Eg the account details page has a space at the bottom an ad could be displayed. Or some other places in the menus have spaces.

Carrier payments
Quite a few of us consider this essential. We are in this to pay our carrier bills and not to use yet another reward app. Cellnuvo are not going to be able to compete with the wide range of reward apps out there which can do things better, pay out quicker and provide more payment choices.
So I would want to see 1000:$1 carrier payments that process in 5-10 business days.
There can be a max of $100 a month as before to keep it feasible for cellnuvo.
Preferably the same nine carrier options as before.

Converting points to amazon/echeck
This needs to be a one step process so when you swap points it automatically orders an amazon ecard or an echeck (whichever we select at checkout). It is far too complicated right now.
Stick to 3 options 1. 2 months 1500:$1 2. 4 months 1000:$1 and 3. 9 months 750:$1
This 5-10 business days to process payment needs to go as it is built into the times above. So if I swap 200,000 points on 1 April at 1000:$1 for an echeck - I actually get paid $200 by echeck on 1 Aug. I've gotten rid of instant payments to give cellnuvo some breathing room and since carrier payments are "instant"

I think there needs to be some limits to preserve the rest of the offerings and keep cellnuvo from running into issues. So say minimum payment $100 and maximum $500 and one in the system at any one time. No changes or cancellations. Since ad payments can take up to 4 months to pay up the 2 month option will have to be restricted to a certain amount in total per month across all users at cellnuvo's discretion to be determined by what it can realistically handle. 4 and 9 months are unlimited.

Consult with users before any big changes!

What do you think? What would you want cellnuvo V4 to look like?

If I watch an ad, I expect to earn something. It's an insult to expect us to watch ads for no benefit. Zero point ads are a sure turn off. Personally, I could do without the Match game altogether. One Split Pot is enough.

From the perspective of a user who had "gold" prior to these changes, I feel duped having to wait FOUR MONTHS for full compensation. That's just ridiculous.

I like all of your ideas, but if CellNUVO could bring back carrier payments, ideally they would include all of the same carriers as before; otherwise, some of us wouldn't be able to resume payments (we were using the old app to pay for a Boost Mobile plan). Also, it would be good if there were no minimum amount for those of us who are on lower-cost plans.

And that's my 30 dollars, er, 2 cents worth. :slight_smile: Thanks for this thread -- I hope your ideas will be considered!

My Boost plan is $25 per month and they don't let you pay ahead, so I'd hate to see a $40 minimum.

I do agree with virtually all of the ideas listed above, however.

Yes okay I will edit that and DD's about keeping the same list of carriers. Both good points.

That is what disgusts me.

Yes agreed there.

Very well said. Agree 100% on both points.