What frustrates me....

Okay I feel like venting, so here goes. This is going to be about FreeUp and CellNuvo, and how I am tired of being taken advantage of as a customer.

So I am on FreeUp's free plan. I like the fact that it is free. I like the fact that FreeUp gives me the option to print 2 coupons that can add 50 cents to my balance everyday.

Now here's what I don't like. I have been printing 2 coupons every day since the day I signed up. I haven't received credit for over 90% of those days! I tried every possible way of printing - different browsers, on data, on wifi, through the app, on the website, different phones. FreeUp just doesn't give me credit for those coupons. Wrote to customer service several times. No credit.

So here's what frustrates me: I print coupons, and I'm sure FreeUp is getting paid by coupons.com for my effort. And FreeUp is totally unwilling to correct the problem of non-crediting coupons for me. I'm sure if it was the other way around, FreeUp would have fixed the problem a long time ago.

Same thing with CellNuvo. I swiped for CN under the promise of getting 1 buck for every 1,000 points and under the promise of immediate redemption. CellNuvo got paid for each of those swipes by the advertisers. But now CN turns around and says that I'll have to wait 4 months to get paid. Or I can get paid now but at only 50 cents.

It's not like CellNuvo was giving us those phones or paying our phone bills out of the largeness of their hearts -- we were swiping for it and filling out endless surveys, and they were getting paid for our swipes and surveys. Now they are going back on their stated terms, which is cheating. Just because we swipe during idle times doesn't mean we aren't working for CellNuvo. We work for CellNuvo and they get paid for our work, and then they cheat us and treat us shabbily.

Very frustrated with businesses getting away with treating us customers like dirt.

Anyways, thanks for listening.

May I join you??

I agree with you and I remain quite salty because of the way we've been treated and the explanations for it. My biggest gripe is the bait and switch they did by having us earn rewards under one set of terms then changing them (to our detriment) after we relied on those terms. I said this before, 4 months is RIDICULOUS!

We all agree. And I am sure we all are doing a virtual strike. By not swiping. By not installing swipr app.

Even if you are not actually striking. And just decide it's not worth it to swipe anymore. The results are the same.

Unfortunately by striking cellnuvo we are hurting them but also hurting ourselves.

No one wins here.

I really wish Tom would open up a conversation. Come to a fair compromise.

Existing gold earned prior to a certain date should have been honored. To make us pay for a service that was included prior to the update is unfair.

We were never told that making the carrier payment within 24 to 48 hours. Was a burden for cellnuvo. There has been a serious lack of communication.

By also surprising us with these changes. Prove to most users that we are less than pond scum in the mind on cellnuvo's management.

I agree that they broke an agreement. 1 gold equals $1.

When you treat your customers like this. You cannot be surprised if you lose their loyalty.

Some here know that I was contemplating one time starting a YouTube channel. Or contacting YouTubers. Start a blog. To help drum up support for cellnuvo. To help spread the word. Turns out I'm glad I didn't.