What fast food do you recommend?

We typically don't eat fast food. But occasionally I have to be out of the house earlier than usual and use it as an excuse to partake in fast food breakfasts.

The other day, using the Burger King app, I got a $4 deal for two croissantwich's, hash browns and coffee.

I opted for a sausage egg and cheese and a bacon egg and cheese. The former is 500 calories, the latter is 350. The hash browns are 250 calories making a total of 1100 calories which kept me going past lunch.

If I were to do it again, I would get two bacon egg and cheeses. It was much better than the sausage version. The sausage is actually very thick and bland and you don't taste the other components. The bacon version is just right, letting you enjoy the whole thing as well of as course the bacon.

The other breakfast item I always enjoy are the McDonald's sausage burritos. There used to be a hotter version of their "Picante" sauce but not they only have the mild version. The hotter version was excellent and really added something to the already good burrito.

What other fast food would you recommend, in particular the breakfast menu items? I'm tempted to try the Taco Bell breakfast next time, probably a burrito and hash browns.