What does $$$Limit $0 mean?

On the CellNuvo app, what does the $0 limit for Instant swaps mean? Does it mean there's no limit on the points you can convert to $? Or does it mean literally that you can convert your points to zero dollars? TIA for any clarifications.

It means CellNuvo has set the limit at $0, meaning you can not do an instant swap for anything over $0. No instant swaps right now. I have seen no swaps for 1 month and 2 months at different times as well. IMHO it is CellNuvo's way of closing the bank when there is a run on the bank.

It basically means what is available.

So right now nothing. If it was $100 then you can swap anything up to 200,000 points for up to $100.

9 months has been down to $0 many times too.

They refill quite frequently at the moment.

Did you manage to get something today?

Thanks for clarifying, 112059 and mmface! I have been checking very frequently, but it's always been showing $0 for me. So I updated the app. Still showed $0. So uninstalled and re-installed the CN app in the hope it might just be an app glitch for me. No luck though.