What do you think of freezing your stem cells for your future?

So there was this presentation at the library where the company rep was peddling the idea of stem cells to be frozen for your own future use. So the idea is that you pay to get your stem cells extracted now when you are young, then pay annual fees every year to store (freeze) those stem cells. Then in the future when you get old, if you need stem cells for a medical reason, you get those young stem cells shipped out to you so they can be used to cure you.

What do you think - is it snake oil, or does freezing your stem cells make sense?

We will pay dearly for hope only to discover in the end that death never takes a holiday.

"There is no way to extend anybody’s life with stem cells,” said Sean Morrison, former president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research. While there are many ongoing clinical trials, he said, there’s no convincing evidence yet that stem cells could reverse brain- or heart-related illnesses. For diseases that currently benefit from stem-cell treatments, such as blood cancers, most people don’t use their own. “There’s no reason to think people would benefit from banking their own stem cells,” he said."

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About five years ago, Canada joined the world of public cord blood banking. Managed by Canadian Blood Services, the National Public Cord Blood Bank gives patients free access to an international network of 70 registries around the world.

Those who question the medical viability of private banks say there is a much greater likelihood of doctors using cord blood from the public bank over privately stored cord blood.

"When I do a transplant for a child with leukemia, I don't want that child's own blood," said Wall.

"If a child needs a transplant … well guess what, their cord blood has the same disorder. So it makes no sense to use it," she said.

The one exception is for families where a sibling or family member has a genetic or malignant condition that could potentially be treated with cord blood.

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A link in favor of freezing, given out by the company rep:

What a surprise that the company rep is in favor of freezing. Who could have predicted that? :huh:

That was ...expected! :stuck_out_tongue: