What changes should Red Pocket make to freedompop?

Today there was exciting news that all 4 networks will be available under freedompop.

What changes do you think Red Pocket should make and what should they offer under the freedompop brand?

I'll go first:

  1. Get rid of the gotchas and make things transparent and easy to change
  2. Unlimited plans at competitive prices especially for multi line discounts
  3. Ability to have one account for multiple lines and have multi line / family discounts
  4. Give allotment boost to each free line for each paid line a customer has. This would be great if one wants a paid service with large allotments and backup devices with minimal allotments.
  5. Offer a more normal customer service experience

Thank you!

Finally charge you for your mooching off of free service for 3 years.

No, no!! You are kidding, right? Please don't give RedPocket any such ideas! The one thing good about Freedompop was that it didn't have a monthly payment associated with the Free plan. If RedPocket gets rid of the free plan, they will waste whatever money they paid to FP for acquiring FP's free plan customers -- I for one will cancel my free accounts for sure.

Where was this RP/FP news posted?



Would be great if the "free plan" and "any network" actually means we can have a basic free plan on any of the 4 carriers (soon to be AT&T / Verizon / T-Mobile / Dish)

I posted this in another thread responding to RedPocket post but will reiterate it here:

One thing you can do is make sure all Customer Service reps are on the same page, meaning giving out same info. Talking to different reps, several times I've gotten different info. When it was regarding CellNuvo transition it was bit more understandable but not when inquiring about RedPocket itself.

Second thing, it would be GREAT to be able to view, via our online account, logs of calls/SMS/data. I inquired about data use being really high 1 month & C/S had to send me spreadsheet of that info. It worked ok but I prefer to keep an eye on it myself periodically. Having to contact C/S to obtain & view via spreadsheet is PITA.

Regarding OP's # 3 -- doesn't RedPocket already allow multiple lines per account? And I've seen reference to family plans when logging into my account. Ah, here's info on their Family Plan.

edit: I got all excited there for a minute when I logged into my account and saw this about family plans. Thought I could buy yearly plan & share the allotment with other family members but guess that's not the case. Oh well: