What cellular carriers work best with new cellnuvo systemm

I would like this thread to be helpful for people who are going to use the new cellnuvo system

This thread will suppose that cellnuvo will do what they said on new website update

Please list your favorite carriers with the positive and negative using the new cellnuvo system

I will give an example with what I am looking for. I think this will be helpful to all


Pro: Their pay as you go is the most similar to cellnuvo's Infinite plan

Con:. Only works with sprint cellular

Bottom line:. If you like sprint and want a infinite type of plan
With great customer support

Tello is for you

PS please do not make this another thread on if cellnuvo will make it or not. Enough of those threads. Thanks in advance

yahoo! go go tello lol.
i love tello.

I think it may be too early to offer real opinions on what plans will work well with the new CellNuvo concept.

For example: TPO has some very nice "club" plans that were promoted on the Social forum-- but they require AutoPay to get the best rate. ($5 monthly discount for autopay). I'm not certain that setting this up will be possible.

I also don't know whether Cellnuvo will enable both scheduled payments (like would be needed for a standard Red Pocket plan), or on-demand payments (like would be needed for Tello PayGo), or both. (My guess is they might enable only on-demand payments, and we'll be responsible for keeping track of the schedule).

Or whether they'll be a path to buy a pre-loaded SIM (like MintSim, or the Red Pocket or SpeedTalk ebay 1promo plans).

My personal hope is that CellNuvo does well enough with this to encourage some provider to offer the $5 non-expiring CellNuvo Infinite plan.....

Agreed, this topic is jumping the gun quite a bit. Best course of action is to wait and see what they actually roll out and how payment works to the different providers. Hopefully it goes smoother than the RP migration did.

Yes I'm not getting into it until they reveal the details. There is still a lot unknown about how the payment will work. It doesn't make sense to me right now - add payment details into the app? I don't know about every provider but usually the payment is done by credit card or paypal on the provider website. I don't see how adding provider account details into the cellnuvo app will magically pay for service. We will need to understand how it works before we know what providers will be available. Unless they provide virtual visa cards I can't see how this will enable us to use any provider. And it doesn't sound like they are doing that. Sounds more like some kind of billpay linked to a bank account. Not sure how that can be used for providers like Tello. So wait and see for me.

I do hope it won't be a long wait.

Personally I won't be opening any new accounts I would just hope I can use it to pay for what I already have outside of cellnuvo - tello, mintsim, redpocket, truphone.

the best way to do is to issue a virtual credit card to each cellnuvo account. the credit limit is no more than golds. each cellnuvo member will use his virtul credit card to make payments. in that sense, your cellnuvo app is your virtual credit card issued by cellnuvo.

Are you copying me again Hungry-Hog?

you again?

Virtual credit cards have been used with Moviecash for Kellogg's proofs of purchase. Invariably ticket taker asks manager how to ring up but figures it out. Giving virtual one time credit card codes like that might be a simpler solution than CellNUVO trying to link accounts in their app. We will see what they actually do with this relaunch.