What are you guys doing for haircut?

Since most states are on lockdown mode. Sooner than later we're all going to need haircuts. Barbers / salons will be the last to open according to the news.

Not all of us are near chelle and her InstaCut (pot):cheer: :cheer:

So a few suggestions

1). Flowbee. Vacuum attachment trimmer

  1. Remington has a trimmer. With attachments for different lengths

  2. mangroomer supposedly beats the Remington.

I'm sure these are not like a salon style. But hair grows back. And a cut of any type is better than no cut.

Cut it really short so your hair sticks out like the corona virus. :wink:

Or just grow your hair long, like mine! :wink:

I don't need no stinkin haircut.

Weave your hair into a face mask. :slight_smile:

The "Suck Cut" is a revolution in home hair cutting.

A hairy situation in Japan with salons and barber shops deemed "essential businesses".

A haircut vacation to Japan, perhaps.

"Health and Labor ministry statistics show that by 2017, Japan had 368,543 salons and barber shops — an all-time high. Tokyo alone is thought to have 31,500 such businesses. The industry employs over half a million barbers and beauticians. Which is why, many in the industry suspect, the government is anxious to keep them on the job, instead of shut down - and eligible for financial compensation. "

Mine, too.
I've been to a professional hair-cutting emporium twice.


Did you wear a mask?

Did the person cutting hair use mask?

Wear gloves?

Still dangerous.

I used the other day one of the self cutters. That I posted above.

Not my best hair cut. Have to fix something's I missed. But it worked and safe from. Virus

My Dr put the fear of GOD in me. We order everything. Or do pick up with bags put in trunk. Put tip in trunk for person who deliver to trunk. We wipe everything with wipes and use our own bags to bring inside house. We throw out everything outside

Even Dr Oz says to do this.

People are dying by the tens of thousands. Worst part they suffer before death.

Wake people! This is no joke.

We saw people today with no masks. Walking into stores. No gloves.

Please accept my apologies for not being clear. You are, of course, entirely correct about the seriousness of the current situation.

I should have said:
"I've been to a professional hair-cutting emporium twice in my entire life."
I'm certainly not going to one in the current situation. They scare me, even without coronavirus.

How do you cut your hair? Device?

We haven't been out for 4 weeks now. Hope it helps!

Tell me about it.

Stir crazy?

Only been out twice for curb side delivery. As I said no contact and we wipe down everything with fantastic or wipes. Lysol

To Dye For--Panic in isle 5 for DIY manes.

"Week 5: Hair clippers and hair dye on the rise"

I know I read it before. I told you guys. And no one here took it seriously.

My extended family member just ordered the one I got and told him about.

If you need one it is worth $35. Just to have. Just in case.

Flowbee is sold out and so are the clones

were looking back on week 7. looking forward to 3 more weeks ( maybe). ferocious jr took the wahl to himself, his friend ( whose currently crashing at our joint) and the dog( small yipper) last week . #2 red guide attached. they dont look terrible, but they certainly would be on latrine duty if they reported looking like they do, but as they said, its just hair itll grow back. and i learned he just loaned it out to his uncle for the week. im not even sure how we came into possession of this wahl. one day it wasnt in the basement, the next i find it sitting on the shelf. it has a cardboard box/sleeve that shows pictures of dogs on the left and humans on the right.