What are the Gold & Silver worth in dollars when paying bills?

I've looked around here and didn't find an answer as to just how much the Gold & Silver are worth.

A real life example: I signed the family up for the Sprint free year promo a few days ago. Just saw the first bill and it looks as if it will be about $10.00 per month for the taxes & etc. When I pay the bill with CellNuvo gold or silver how much will it deduct from my cache of gold & silver? I hope this makes sense and someone can answer. Of course I could just wait and find out when I pay for the first time.....LOL

1 gold is $1.
You can prepay, I have mine paid to end of the 1 yr promo. :slight_smile:

Quick answer.....Thanks. Well, in that case I have enough to almost pay for the first 4 months. In a few days I should have enough for the whole first 4 months.

Not too shabby.

I'll get the other phones set up with CellNuvo accounts and make everyone take turns paying the family phone bill. With 3 of us, unless we put our 14 year old on it too, Nobody should have too much trouble earning enough gold. Certainly should be enough time between their turn to pay and the next time they are due to pay.

Make sure you set up the referral. You will get a bonus 10%. Each phone can have a referral. So your family will have more gold to spend.

As they say. ,"Work smart , not hard"

Yepper!! I'm not lazy but why work if I don't have to............

Another question.....

There are a couple of charges on the first bill that it looks as if I will have to pay now but will be credited back on the next bill. How will that work out if I pay with the CellNuvo gold? Will it be necessary to pay this first bill with a card so that the credit can be applied back to it by Sprint or can it be credited back to the CellNuvo account and be added back to my cache of gold?

So many questions - so little time.... :unsure:

There is no way to credit gold back to your CN account once it leaves CN.

But... Sprint does a good job of maintaining credit in your Sprint account to apply against later charges. You MUST keep auto-pay enabled (and a valid CC on file) with Sprint for that plan, or you'll risk losing it. Sprint will apply any credit balance in your account first, before charging your CC.
What I do is transfer CN gold to Sprint $25 at a time. The balance sits at Sprint until needed, and you don't have to wait until you have an invoice or 'balance due' from Sprint. I check the balance online from time to time, and send another $25 when it gets too low to cover the next bill. Try to look far enough in advance to do a 'refill' with plenty of time to spare, since sometimes CN transfers can be slower than anticipated.

Payments with cellnuvo gold work as if you paid your sprint bill yourself with a credit card. Just someone else paid it. So it work exactly the same and you should pay the full first bill. Say the bill is $30. $20 normal monthly charges plus an extra $10. You tell cellnuvo to pay $30 to your sprint account using 30 gold. Cellnuvo will pay your sprint account directly with a $30 payment and you have nothing further to pay for that bill.

Next month you get that -$10 credit back and that will just be deducted from the amount for that month's bill. eg if your plan costs $20 then your bill will say something like $20-$10 = $10 to pay. So you only need to pay $10 this month/10 gold.

I strongly advise you to pay well in advance though especially if you use cellnuvo gold. Sometimes delays happen and you don't want your credit history/score dinged because of this. So if that first bill needs paying in the next few days then use your own credit card. If you have time then use your gold. Personally I would send gold to your sprint account as and when you earn a good amount - no need to wait for a bill. Prepaid funds will be stored in a balance at sprint to be used against future bills automatically.

Based on the above answers to my query, I'm liking this deal even better. It will be nice to pay in ahead and not have to worry about getting the bill paid if funds get tight or for some reason we run low on gold. I have over 36 in gold as of now, just in my own account, accumulated at a very leisurely pace since the demise of Ring+ when I signed on at CellNuvo. There will be 3 of us on the plan and all will be using the app with their own email. Plus I have a couple of other phones that I will be installing the app on just to use for accumulating more gold. With all of those CellNuvo accounts paying their share to the one Sprint account, we can easily make this deal a truly free deal and never need to pay in a penny of real money. Of course that all depends on CellNuvo staying in business.

Though I don't disagree with potential delays from Cellnuvo, I wouldn't expect the credit score to be dinged - the auto-pay on file with Sprint should kick in by the billing date if there isn't enough credit to cover the balance.

By the way, I have 5 lines on the plan and can pretty easily cover the monthly cost (~$15) myself through swiping and occasionally going for the "Super Silver" offers ("Reach level 10 in some terrible game", etc.). So I imagine that if you have your family members all swiping, it should be quite easy to cover your monthly cost.

Oh yes forgot about the autopay. You are right.

When I had the Sprint free for a year plan, I paid ahead with CN gold and it worked out great. When I ported out of Sprint after the year was up Sprint sent me a check for my balance. I also paid ahead with ATT, I had a forward balance of over $250 but less than $300 and ATT would not accept another payment, I guess they don't allow over $300 for a forward balance).

I would much prefer to be on ATT. Had it for nearly a year via H2o Wireless, a ATT MVNO. Overall it was better than any of the other 3 members big 4 club. I had great signal and good data speeds in areas where people on the other carriers had just usable service. Sprint and Verizon are usually plenty good here and T-Mobile is really hit and miss, but I found just a few an areas where ATT wasn't at the least, a little better.

BTW: When I had ATT (H2o) I had the H2o sim card in my Moto X Pure and would swap it with my Sprint sim card on Ting therefore I could make a direct comparison and see for certain who was the better performer in any given area. ATT won out 80 - 90% of the time.

Don't get me wrong, for the money, Sprint usually is still plenty good for my use.

ATT is better in my area as well but Sprint and the MVNO's running on Sprint's network usually have better deals.
I currently have an ATT data only plan (connected car) and it is great, I hope it never gets taken away. I did a test and I could use my Mobley powered connected car plan if it had to stay connected to my car at all times.