What are the best / cheapest unlimited plans on each network?

For each network, who offers the best and cheapest unlimited plans?

And are there any sign up discounts?

Thank you

You're asking regarding unlimited everything (talk, text and data)?

Assuming single-line unlimited minutes, messaging and high-speed data...

According to Dennis Bournique's https://prepaidcompare.net :

Pix Wireless (AT&T) $55/month
Cricket (AT&T) $55/month [3 Mbps max data speed]

Boost Mobile (Sprint) $50/month

Teltik (T-Mobile) $40/month

Visible (Verizon) $40/month [LTE only, no CDMA]


  • Sprint Unlimited Kickstart (promo plan) @ $25/month

$9.76 a month. Speedtalk prepaid. tmobile for 13 months. Unlimimited minutes,unlimited texts, 3gb of data then throttled to reduced speeds. Wait until it's on special. holidays.

$25 Unlimited Sprint Kickstart plan is back--only at BestBuy

"Sprint has once again lowered the price of its Unlimited Kickstart plan from $35/month down to $25/month. The catch is the plan is only available at Best Buy. The plan is being marketed alongside Best Buy's long-running deal of "save up to $100 on unlocked phones" when activated on Sprint."