What are NthCircle members Super Bowl party plans?

For the last 7 years ( with a break during Covid) my wife and I have been hosting a pretty good size Super Bowl party.

My wife is an excellent cook and she creates an eclectic menu meant to offer something for everyone's tastes. She and her friends prepare everything the day before and I help all I can (without getting in the way)

The party starts at 2 PM with a version of Texas Hold’em poker. We usually have 3 tables going.

All who want to play kick in a $25 entree free. for which they receive $100 ( fake value) in chips ; 25- $1 chips/9 -$5 chips/3-$10 chips. (there are also bet limits to make sure nobody gets counted out too early).
30 minutes before kick off , the games end. The player with the most money wins all the entree fees--usually around $500.

We also have an open bar. Luckily one of the attendees is part owner in a small Limo/taxi company and furnishes rides home for anyone we deem needs it. Without this luxury I probably wouldn't serve any alcohol.

And then most importantly --KICK OFF TIME!

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Liquor, Poker and Football---Life is good!

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BTW, at this point in time, my heart and money are with the Bengals, though I live far from there and have only visited Cincinnati a few times.

The current betting line:

We usually watch the Super Bowl with a friend of ours who played in 3 Super Bowls (and has 2 rings to show for it). He played for the Dolphins in the early 70s.

There's usually an assortment of deer sausage, wild hog, and other game on the buffet table.

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Which player? That's my team! Was he there in 1972?

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Yes! Manny Fernandez.

Of course! He was a pass rusher. Defensive tackle/end and was on the 1972 undefeated team and a Miami Dolphins honor roll member. (did I mention that the Dolphins are my team?)

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Back in the day , I attended two Super Bowls on the company dime...but never would I spend a penny of my own to do so....

Just one guy alone with a guitar singing our National Anthem---no orchestra, no dancers, no graphics.