What Android Apps work with TextNow 2g Sprint Data?

Can anyone lists what apps you have found that work with Textnow 2g data? For example, Hangouts text, Hangouts voice, Google voice, weather, stocks, etc....
Thank you in advance. Stay safe!

OK, my TextNow sprint sim card came so I installed it and tried a few things. Hangouts text and call did not work. I got a message saying not authorized. But Chrome did work when I searched Google which I thought was odd. Of course the regular TextNow calling and texting work fine.

I gifted a friend a Samsung Note 5 from Sprint, she downloaded the TextNow app and reports she can use Google search, she gets notifications with theTextNow data and of course she can make calls and text. She can’t do much else with the data. She also reports incoming calls don’t always ring her new phone, though she does get notifications when she misses a call. Not too shabby for free!

Not sure about TextNow but with 2g.

Puffin browser was great till they made the free version filled with ads

So I switched to Brave Browser and find it just as fast and NO ads

Bottom line try Brave Browser

Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite both work. Absolutely, positively.

I use them all the time on my TextNow phone.

I'm curious about this, and remember reading about this odd exclusion earlier. At that point, the Google Search function was reported to work, but actually going to any of the Google search results did not work.

Is that still true? And if so, is their any function gained by just being able to see the search results? I'm curious how this might be beneficial.