What a week this has been!

  • Proud Boy leaders convicted of seditious conspiracy

  • Special Counsel has a cooperator in the Trump documents case

  • Special Counsel has discovered Maralago surveillance tapes handed over by Trump were incomplete

  • Special Counsel has interviewed almost everyone who works at Maralago and has issued new subpoenas including seeking information about the Saudi LIV golf tournament (aka money laundering)

  • Fani Willis apparently has EIGHT electors now cooperating

  • More undeclared payments discovered from Harlan Crow to Clarence Thomas

  • Leonard Leo / Kellyanne Conway / Ginni Thomas appear to have committed invoice fraud in order to line the Thomas's pockets even more

  • Trump has no defense witness in his rape trial and deposition tapes released where he mistakes Carrol to be Marla and doesn't recognize Ivana

How can the jury in the E. Jean Carroll say the preponderance of evidence favors Trump when his side presented nothing to the jury? Impossible for him to win. Instead, his only hope is to get a mistrial with the help of the right-wing juror.

Almost certainly, Trump will lose this case with the jury awarding Carroll some millions of dollars. Pretty sure that Carroll will have to resort to taking Trump back to court if she ever hopes of collecting because as we know, the Trump playbook is delay, delay, and delay. Plus, Trump is just a POS.