Well that was something

Conservative pollster Frank Luntz's focus group of undecided voters in battleground states.

Take a look for yourself why:

What did the public expect?

Don the Con never reads and never prepares for anything. That why he always looks like an idiot when speaking. Think: Daily Coronavirus Briefings. Only thing he does that could be considered reading is habit of going through multiple newspapers everyday. However, the purpose of skimming through newspapers is to look for his own name and how he is being treated.

It is pathetic that even though the above is factually accurate, there are people who still support him.

Trump is just a racist who thinks the world revolves around as he has never been held accountable for anything that comes out of his mouth no matter how slanderous, wrong, stupid, illogical, hypocritical, etc. his words are.

Sorry you seem to have posted all this political junk here by mistake.

Don the Con is just not some bit-player trying holding some insignificant title that nobody cares about. He is a national security threat and will stop at nothing to stay in power.

Cheating is routine to him there is precedent where he hired somebody to rig an online poll. TWICE. Trump even stiffed the guy who bumped him up in the final results.

Normal everyday politicians are nowhere near the gutter as Don the Con is.

Some people understand that our democracy has already been circumvented and is at serious risk. Trump is attempting a coup and encouraging white supremacists and militants to carry out sedition (ie intimidating voters at polling stations).

But some call it "political junk".

I lived near the area of the military academy he was packed off to. I had social interactions with staff there when he was long graduated and a minor/wannabe B celebrity. On occasion his behavior at school was the subject of conversation Those tales of his formative years behavior jive perfectly with the high functioning sociopath that manifests these days.

There are many psychologists and psychiatrists who have diagnosed Trump as extremely dangerous even before he became President.

Here is what Elizabeth Mika, a psychotherapist had to say

[i]Narcissistic psychopathy, a.k.a malignant narcissism is a character defect that manifests, mainly, in a severely impaired or absent conscience and an insatiable drive for power, adulation and revenge.

Its other essential features are Machiavellianism — a tendency to deceive, manipulate and use people for one’s own gain; and sadism — a desire to inflict pain on others for one’s pleasure.

Narcissistic psychopathy is fixed (inflexible, unchangeable), permanent (won’t go away with time) and incurable. It is also inherently destructive.

This means that individuals affected with it, especially when in power, cannot be counted on doing the right and decent thing — on the contrary: they prove time and again that they live for destruction as it gives them a sense of power and pleasure.

Narcissistic psychopaths clamor for power and, if skilled and/or lucky enough, they achieve it. Once in power, they fully exhibit their pathology as they are no longer inhibited by the need to curb it to secure other people’s approval.

We call it decompensation, but it is actually the narcissistic psychopath coming into his own, unleashing the contents of his defective psyche on the world without any constraints.

Not having a conscience means that narcissistic psychopaths are incapable of experiencing empathy, guilt, shame, as well as understanding and respecting higher human values (compassion, truth, justice, equality, freedom).

Their insatiable & thus usually frustrated desire for power & adulation, & a sadistic, irrepressible need for revenge (this is the narcissist part of narcissistic psychopathy) manifest in acts of aggression, verbal and/or physical, or...

....in draconian, punitive political decisions if NPs happen to have such power. Often both.

Normal people may not understand this pathology. They look for normal explanations, which often assume, incorrectly, that a narcissistic psychopath may change; that “deep down” he suffers from repressed guilt and/or low self-esteem; etc.

There is nothing accidental about the destruction narcissistic psychopaths, especially in power, inflict on the world. Destruction is coded in their character defect.

They not only lack empathy and conscience, which makes them incapable of understanding human values, but they are driven to hurt and destroy everyone and everything that stands on their way to power and self-aggrandizement, and/or reminds them of their weaknesses.

[b]It is not a question of IF a narcissistic psychopath in power will destroy his world, but how soon.

Narcissistic psychopathy is the most dangerous form of psychopathology known to humankind.

It is shared by all tyrants in human history[/b], among other unsavory types. It is not mental illness, although this term is sometimes used to describe it, and there are some forms of mental illness, most notably paranoia, that are often associated with it.[/i]

I would add Dr. Bandy Lee concluded much the same about Trump long ago.

"whenever the Goldwater rule is mentioned, we should also refer to the Declaration of Geneva, established by the World Medical Association 25 years earlier, which mandates physicians to speak up if there are humanitarian reasons to do so. This Declaration was created in response to the experience of Nazism."[18]

Donald Trump Reveals Hope Hicks Has Covid!!!

Hope Hicks: the super spreader.

The Saturday function at the Rose Garden may have been the spreading event.

Trump may have been the spreader.