We are on it!

Working, sitting, or defecating?

They fixed my non working issues.

Bottom line they fixed it. But it took time and patience on my part

When were your issues resolved?

It's a secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

Part one was on the 8th and part Two 11th

Part two was Redpocket's fault in part

I will take defecating for 100 Alex.

Alex: "Subscribers of this company have earned enough golds for the latest iPhone in less than 1 month and have received stellar reviews in record time from their many happy customers for their award winning apps"

What is Comcast?

Thank you for your reply.

8th and 11th of December, CellNUVO was involved and communicated with you?

They were on it 7 days ago with me. Supposed to Fix the app problem to let the 10 gold buy me a plan. I have 325 gold. A couple days ago I ask when it will be ready. Finally got answer. see other comment

It ALWAYS seems to be someone's elses fault when it comes to CN.

I believe that I have a few more golds than you.
I told you don't over analyze their crap.
You found a nonsense reason for their shit and they use it as an excuse to feed you.
The bottom line is - they made a terrible business decision and ran out of cash and credits. They only select some people to pay. If you are chosen your problem will be solved, otherwise robot you!

Yes they were

What did they fix for you?

Is it enough to get you back from using tpo?

It's a secret. :lol:

Not that I owe you a single answer (the way you have been treating me in past), but it is the holiday season. So I will to the human thing and answer you. Please accept this single answer in that spirit. Others will be given on a case-by-case basis.

Answer to question:. Yes it is.

Rp fixed my service. I have essentials plan and I have GSM sim card service with original number. Everything works talk, text, MMS, data

And being paid with cellnuvo gold?

You intend to keep renewing month to month?


On what...drugs ??
Seems to be the most likely things that they are 'on' !!

Yes, unless Amazon comes. Then I can get a 12 month plan.

To confirm, you have successfully paid for the Essentials plan with 10 gold?

Are you keeping your TPO line open?

Bottom line: With CN, you have to have backup lines open at all times. It is not reliable enough to be a main line, or even a backup line honestly. CN is more of a second or third string backup caliber phone service.

It really is a joke. I jumped through too many hoops dealing with their crap.