WaveNation wireless,

I just saw Unlimited Voice and Text advertised for $6.99/ month.
WaveNation is a wifi first service. They DO require you to purchase a phone from them.
The least expensive phone they currently offer sells for $29.
It appears that they have been in business since 2015
I'd like to know if anyone has used their service, and what network they operate on.
Sounds like a dream for those of us who are primarily voice and text users.

I saw this service a while ago but couldn't remember the name of it. Based on the coverage map, it appears they are on the Sprint network. $6.99 is definitely the cheapest unlimited talk/text plan.

I looked at their website and thought it was not very specific (by design?) on the cellular side.

Certainly calling over a good wifi signal should be fine but the issue is how effective the hand off to cellular is when one is not on wifi.

The price is very much less that TextNow which makes me wonder.

Just looking at the price of the new Moto E, it is definitely in line with what Ting was selling that phone for a while ago when it was not on sale.

I suppose one could pay for a month, and if not happy, it is possible to return the phone within 30 days. Including the shipping one could probably test how well it works in practice in a given location for $20-25.

I'm not particularly keen on these wifi/cellular providers like this and textnow. Maybe one day I will try something like this but I value reliability over price right now.

I wonder if WaveNation lets you do a manual hand off to choose wifi or cellular. like Republic wireless. That would solve the reliability problem.
i also noticed an interesting statement on the WaveNation about page,
"WaveNation, a division of a national telecommunications company"
I wonder who the parent company is?
I guess that they are technically not an MVNO. .
I'd jump on this one, if the service is through any provider other than Sprint.

Edit : I just confirmed WaveNation is on the Sprint network.