Warning: FreeUP auto renew has been down for 2 days

If your plan is up for auto renew using your reward balance, CS told me their system has been down for 2 days and the renewals are not happening. So your phone will just quit working (like mine did for 8 hours yesterday) The good news is if you call CS they will 'manually' renew your account AND give you a free month service for the trouble! YMMV

That's good to know! One of mine was supposed to renew yesterday and the other one today, yet they were both still working this morning, but let's hope they aren't working now so to get that free month of service. Some glitches have a silver lining.:slight_smile:

Darn-- my 2 phones are still working, still have service: 12:40 pm PT

Just to report one of my plans did renew today using rewards credit and the other one that says Next Payment: "1 Days Ago" will likely renew today or tomorrow. So the renewal system seems to be functional now. I'm not fond of the "Today", "1 or 2 Days Ago" lingo, nor the $16 that has been listed on both of my $15 accounts as "your next payment will be" for months now, even though my printing rewards has always engendered "paid in full" as long as I've had the accounts.