Warning - FreedomPop and Google Voice do not work with Uber

I set up an Uber account using my freedompop number and all seemed to be ok.

When I went to request the Uber, everything worked normally right up until the final act where you request the Uber. The request would just not go through.

Same problem with my google voice number.

Seems like Uber does not like Voip. I've since changed the account to a Lycamobile number. I presume this should work when I need it, but since you only seem to find out that Uber doesn't like your number when you request the Uber, not when you set the account up, I will be sure to have a backup option ready next time.

Great tip/warning!

Could I ask for a little more clarification about your attempt with Google Voice? Was this while using GV as a forwarding service to a phone with cellular voice service, or in combination with Google Hangouts for a true VoIP setup?

My Google Voice number is not set up to forward to a real cell number.

I would not expect there to be any change in result whether it was or not. Uber apparently doesn't like voip numbers as the listed mobile number for an account. Apparently they are used to create multiple accounts to take advantage of generous discounts for first rides. :whistle:

I had similar problems with FreedomPop & Google Voice & Uber less than 2 weeks ago, too.

In particular, I needed to contact the driver using Uber app's capability to do that. I gave Uber my GV number, so that it doesn't matter what phone I used -- I use Hangouts Dialer to receive all calls to my GV number from any device that can do that (Android, iOS, tablets, Windows desktop). Well, Uber app's capability automatically used FP dialer (& provide me with no other choice) to call driver, upon which the app recognized (rightfully) that nobody with that FP number had requested a ride, & prevented me from contacting the driver. I had requested the ride with my GV number. I had to change my Uber account information to match the number of that FP SIM.

I suspect that it's part of Operation Greyball.

VOIP numbers are a lot easier to be anonymous on.

If that's true, then I believe that I've been greyballed by Uber. No fair!

Maybe not you, specifically, but their system might not accept VOIP phone numbers as part of their Greyball strategy.

My Google number has a forwarding number, and Uber doesn't allow either of those numbers so you are right that factor has no change (Forwarding Number is a Truphone #). However, Lyft is OK with my google number :slight_smile:

PS: I don't have a FP number, just a LTE Sim, so don't know how Lyft handles those (I would assume the same since all of them are VOIP Numbers).

Your avatar does resemble a G-man with glasses.:dry:

I've always used Uber with my Google Voice number and never had a problem. (I've never had a need to call the driver.)