Walmarts and Pringles Cans

A woman was banned from a Wichita Falls, TX, Walmart, Friday, after spending 2-1/2 hours driving an electric shopping cart around the parking lot while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.

A few thoughts on the subject:

  1. Why the hell didn't I think of that?
  2. If Walmart keeps adding more and more rules it's going to become impossible to shop, there.
  3. Which Walmart, around here, could I tolerate being banned from?
  4. Why wasn't the lady wearing pajamas? She came up with the Pringles can (genius!) but never thought of wearing pajamas? She was so close to being my hero.
  5. This could be a great "ladies' night out" activity.

Pringle's cans are a short-term solution for drinking wine due to the cardboard/foil construction-- although perhaps only a short-term solution is needed.

Lay's Stax cans might be a better option. The all-plastic container does not get soggy: it's easier to wash out the chip residue before use (I generally dislike salty wine, although it can complement a nice merlot, which pairs especially nicely with the cheddar flavors): the oval shape is easier to keep a grip on when going over speedbumps, and prevents it from rolling away across the parking lot if you should drop it.
To prevent spills, and resulting wastage, you can cut a hole in the lid and insert a straw.

Like I needed more reasons to love you!

According to online sources, a US Pringles can (largest size) can hold 32 oz of liquid when filled up to 1 inch from the top. If a standard pour glass of wine is 175ml (~6 oz), she may have had ~5 glasses of wine in the Pringles can.

In terms of alternative garb, perhaps next time she can wear a burka.

Try this Chelle. More undercover for wine or something stronger. Dont ask how I know.

This forum is an incredible resource. :wink:

If you're going to drink alcohol and shop at Walmart, you should be able to do so without apology.

This is what Pringle's wine will do to you.

Girlfriends Guyfriends days outs in pajamas with wine beer pizza appetizers in your shopping carts starts at Lucky's markets whenever you so choose.graze and growl
Commonplace @ Luckys markets in Gainseville Fl, Maybe coming to a neighborhood near you soon

They promised me that they would destroy that picture!

You should know nothing in this world, at least digital, can ever be erased anymore. :wink:

Perhaps If you bring you own pringles wine glass you will get half off at this all off joint.

Perhaps they can make a come back as a pop-up?

For cheap wine containers?

Ppringles wine tumblers Sold out ! More on the way! A National phenomenon!

Looks like Walmart will have to increase its stock of electric shopping carts.

Well, this woman seems to be joining the club-- the various news stories seem to agree on intoxication of some sort, while not noting whether a Pringles can was present during the 1 mile trek on public streets in a Power Wheels truck.

The good news for South Carolina residents also interested in such activities: it seems that precedent has been set that one might avoid DUI charges & accompanying points against one's license, or insurance rate increases, since the vehicle involved was deemed 'not a vehicle' for DUI laws. (She was charged with public intoxication, though.)

Toy liquor doesn't show up on a blood test. She was on something, though.

What's in the water in Wichita Falls?
Another person banned from Walmart.