Walmart MobileX - uses Verizon towers


Using their website (just for yuks) I set it to ZERO data + unlimited T&T - for which it shows $6.48 .
Here is the URL for that page:

And their main site also shows some pricing info:

If your phone is not on their list (YET ??) this will not be useful.

Further, in very light text it says:

All devices must be unlocked and have been purchased within the United States of America.

And let us also consider this:

MobileX SIM Card Starter Kit, No Airtime - Prepaid - $9.88

Since it is cheaper than our existing Twigby services it COULD be a very pretty deal EXCEPT that we may not have compatible phones (I didn't check that far) AND we will NOT trust wally's for our main cellular services.

Of course - for heavy data users this may be great & YMMV.

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SIM kit may include "up to $10 credit" from the more details I'm seeing on the Wally world site. See ALL CAPS part below, not my ALL CAPS.

ETA: MobileX service is not really connected to or associated with Walmart in any way other than the companies having a retail marketing/distribution agreement. Not a Walmart exclusive brand. Adderton made the decision that Walmart was best way to get a physical retail presence out there quickly. Not sure if it is an exclusive store presence agreement or if we'll see MobileX SIM kits appear via other channels outside of MobileX's own website. The way I see it you don't really need any trust in Wally, you need to trust that Adderton makes a go of it with MobileX. His track record is not bad. The feedback on from those on the beta is mixed. Sevice is handled like the old, original Visible system and has glitches apparently.

"## Product details

Meet MobileX – the only mobile service as unique as you are.

Choose Personalized Access, and our AI-guided data forecaster will build a customized plan for you - starting from as low as $4.08 a month. You live, we learn. Our data forecaster gives you up to 10 days of service free while it learns your usage behavior and recommends the best service to maximize your savings. Then load what the app recommend - or any data amount you prefer - you’re in control of how much you spend, and any surplus data always carries forward.

Or choose our Basic Unlimited plan with 30GB of data and unlimited talk/text, including to Mexico and Canada, for just $24.88 a month. Our AI-guided data forecaster will continue to monitor your data usage and let you know if switching to Personalized Access can save you money.

Choose what you need. Change when you want. All on the 5G network that America relies on.


** Prior to Purchase: Check your phone's compatibility and confirm whether your device needs a SIM card or is eSIM compatible. Visit: MobileX Global. Confirm that your device is paid off and unlocked with your current carrier.*
** Prior to Activation: 1) Download the MobileX app. 2) Credit card or prepaid gift card is required for account set up, activation, and replenishment.*
** To keep your current number: Contact your carrier to 1) confirm your number is not locked, 2) request a port-out passcode or security PIN, and 3) obtain your account number and billing address on file.*
** SIM Card Starter Pack: Includes 3-in-1 sized SIM cards (Nano, Micro, Standard).*
** Disclaimer: MobileX service plan required to activate; sold separately. Plan amounts do not include taxes or government surcharges that may be applicable. Compatible device required; coverage not available everywhere. 5G not available in some areas of the network. After high-speed monthly data allotment is exceeded, speeds will be reduced for the remainder of access period. Service subject to MobileX General Terms & Conditions of Service. Prohibited network use rules and other restrictions apply. See or store for details. © 2023 Mobile X Global, Inc. MobileX is a registered trademark of Mobile X Global, Inc. All rights reserved.*


We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.
See our disclaimer"

Curious what you are paying monthly (inc. any taxes/fees) for what allotments with Twigby if you care to share?
US Mobile $5 plan (inc. taxes/fees & on Verizon network) may be cheaper?

Yeah the headline "starting at $4.08" is for data only (1GB) and before whatever taxes and additional fees they might tack on.

Could be good for a very light data user using Google Voice # for calls/messaging.

Hello Redrotors.
US Mobile has always been a hassle to get around here, so I've ignored it thus far.
Their site now has some very attractive deals to get new users into a full plan when porting in a number - but I don't want to port out either of our Twigby numbers.

Our Twigby is unlimited T&T, little or zero data, 2 lines and our monthly bill is just ~$29.

Given that it has been the most dependable services we've ever had thus far, I guess you can say we've become both brand loyal AND reluctant to switch.

Lastly, I suspect that neither of our Twigby using phones is accepted by MobileX yet.

Well unlimited talk/text/2gb shared data 2 lines would be $18/mo. on US Mobile and that is after 50 day free trial and after a year you'd get $25 visa gift card. Not sure if the SIM is shipped to you free, I thought so?
So I'm not understanding the hassle "to get" vs. what you did to set up Twigby?

The loyalty & not really wanting to quit a company/service that you like I understand. I have often leveraged the competition in cases like that, and have done so with Twigby actually. Tell them how you are happy with them and don't really want to leave and what you're looking at at the competition, 50% lower non promotional rate / $132 a year (or whatever xx% / $xxx) is a lot and ask them if there is a 12 or 6 month promotion that they could apply to your account. Worked for me. Gently suggesting that they reexamine their base rates couldn't hurt, they need to hear from their otherwise happy customers in order to stay healthy.


Seeing all the helpful info in this thread & 1 other, I engaged the Twigby chat as per Redrotor's suggestion.

Round & round we went - with a decidedly poor outcome.

We've been paying ~30/mo for services which they lowered to ~20/mo - but kept silent about it so we've been paying more since they changed the rate.

They are HAPPY to change the rate NOW, with no credit for overpayment.

Most insulting of all, they will generously apply a $5 1-time credit to make us fell better about their taking advantage of us.

Looking into porting to that other deal with its cheaper rate & bonuses is looking mighty fine...

I will wait for the supposed supervisor to email me to see if any better result may follow, but I am not counting on it.


Hello, @PEW, @One (aka E_Z) and @Redrotors! I've had a spare line on mobileX for the past several months. Cellular reception and data speed has been terrific (living in So Cal probably helps in that regard), and even though you can't call their support team, they are really quick to respond via their app. (@One, unless I'm mistaken, Twigby doesn't have any direct phone lines either, so that wouldn't be a big change if you were to switch.)

If the trek to Walmart is a problem, you can sign up online (I did) but not sure if they include the (up to) $10 credit. Got my SIM card in the mail in a couple of days. If you have an eSIM-compatible phone the eSIM activation is almost instant. I've tried both p-SIM and eSIM, and they obviously did their homework before and during their beta launch -- no problems activating via either method.

Their billing info is a little misleading. They don't actually roll over any leftover data; if you have a non-unlimited plan, they credit you for what you didn't use when your next bill comes due. So your monthly bill may vary depending upon what you use (or don't use).

Anyhow, it's good to see another affordable option for us low-mileage users. Hopefully mobileX will stick around for awhile!

Not wanting to hijack this MobileX thread & hopefully this reply does not offend anyone.

As an initial test, I tried making an order at US Mobile for 2 lines using their 'light' $5 plan - but their site makes this for 1 line only & no place could I find any porting in I called them at (878) 205 - 0088, and...:

Found out that their required 1st step for anything is to make an account, and that is what enables all subsequent actions there.
They claim to have been doing cellular services since 2015 & use both Verizon & TMobile.
Making 2 lines there must be done 1 at a time rather than just ordering 2 lines.

Since that is the case & I'll just be at home for more than a week right now, I'll risk porting out ONLY my number -IF- there is no further improvement via engaging a Twigby supervisor.

I had previously engaged their chat to ask about ordering & after ~15 minutes I got zero helpful info - at that point I had concluded that if that much hassle came of trying to become a new customer it looked like I'd stay far, far away from US Mobile, BUT:
Upon further consideration I decided not to be stubborn about it, pending whatever happens with Twigby 'cuz a flat $5/month is a very good deal.

Sorry it didn't work out for you, @One. Hope you'll find a nice affordable option that meets your needs soon!

Sorry to hear that (so far) chatting with Twigby re rates was a fail. IIRC I did have to get kicked up a level once but it was all done on the same chat session.
I'm going to have to revisit that line soon for ongoing discount so we'll see how it goes.
I find social engineering more difficult via chat vs. voice.

Hi Redrotors.
My best guess is that they've been forced to deal with loads of angry customers who feel ripped off by the silent rate changes - and who've tried demanding retroactive adjustments, so...
They seem to be creating a cool-down period by refusing to escalate the chat session & promising an email with a supervisor instead.

Only time will show whether that was an outright lie, or not.
If they perform poorly with this, I will strongly consider porting my own Twigby line over to US Mobile for their $5 deal.

If/when that happens & -IF- it works out well then Twigby will also lose my partner's line - our brand loyalty does NOT extend to dealing with bad business practices.

Back to MobileX now:
Given that it is very young, app-centered AND affiliated with wally...
I'll just watch, wait & see.
Usually when stuff like this works out well it'll get snarfed up by wally's after a while & I also suspect they've been burned a bit by the TF change of ownership.

Thanks for the info. So, if a person were to want 1GB of Vzw data available as a backup using MobileX on an eSIM, how much would the monthly billing be, in months when none of the data is actually used?

My guess would be the "30-day access/platform fee" $1.98 + the wildcard "taxes", hopefully no other fees.

Would be nice to hear from anyone who has done this but taxes on a "platform fee" will vary widely even within some states.

@Boz, I'm pretty sure @Redrotors is correct. I signed up for the unlimited minutes/texts plan and 1 GB of data each month. When I don't use any of my data, my next bill is only for the talk and text. So far their data accounting has been consistently accurate and credited back correctly each month.

I just checked on the app and it looks like CA has upped/added some taxes or fees. Now the total going forward is $9.12, less whatever data gets credited from the month before. Still a fine deal for priority data on the Verizon network.

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I'm doing exactly that with half a GB of data. The first month you pay the for the data. In subsequent months you just pay the platform fee plus taxes. Here's my most recent statement:

Access period start date : 2023/09/19 17:16:06
Access period end date : 2023/10/19 17:16:06
Access type : Personalized Access
Data : 0.50 GB
Data amount : $1.05
Talk & Text : $0.00
Duration : 30 days
Platform fee : $1.99
Subtotal : $3.04
Rollover data : 0.5 GB
Rollover credit : $1.05
Taxes : $3.41
Total price : $5.40
Taxes are on the high side with MobileX. I'm in San Francisco which has a 14 .5% city tax on prepaid airtime and California has a flat fee of 38¢ but that does not come anywhere near $3.41. My taxes with T-Mobile Prepaid are much lower, 79¢ on a $2 topup. MobileX must be adding on a substantial cost recovery fee and passing on their telecom taxes on top of mandated point of sale taxes.

Yes, those taxes are really high on $1.99. But at least I know how it works now. I may need to try to find out how much the tax would be for my location. Thanks for the info!

Maybe a card & use a no tax state to minimize or eliminate the tax part? Still will hit you with the other recovery fees & tax pass through though I guess.

Thanks for your kind thoughts !!

It is unfortunate how things ('specially corporate ones) seem to degenerate alot these days.
I just posted about my own experience with one & I'm sad to say that (gulp) it looks like I'll be changing services quite soon as the result of this.

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