Walmart class action settlement

There needs to be a Class action against Kroger (Smiths in my area). I am having to call the self checkout person to correct the pricing pretty regularly because they either have the price wrong or failed to adjust the computer to reflect their advertised sales prices.

Some states or counties have very tough laws against this.
Might want to check and educate yourself.
For a while I lived in an area where I shopped in two different counties as all the grocery store scanning came into common use. Because of consumer trepidation re the new tech and the issues you mentioned one introduced regulations requiring the store to reimburse 2x the difference for mis-rings, the other county, not to be outdone I guess, passed a 3x reimbursement rule. Needless to say the stores got their $hit together pretty quick but it was always fun when I caught them out. They always played dumb at the service desk and offered you the difference until you asked them if they were aware they needed to double or triple that (they were, they were hoping you weren't).


Kroger, at least in my part of Ohio, will give you the mispriced item for free, or up to $5 off, if it rings up differently than listed on the shelf tag or advertised price. I have no idea if this extends to Smith's, or even all regions of Kroger...

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Yep, good advice.
I'll just add that in my experience it is not just state laws but also local jurisdictions (counties, not sure about towns or villages) as established under state law that may impose regulations on this also.

Maybe you want to go grocery shopping in Ulster county NY?
"I'd like my super-refund please. Thank you."

Any consumer who suffers a loss because the price charged for a SKI is
greater than the item, shelf, sale, or advertised price may seek a super-refund.
A super-refund entitles the consumer to receive the overcharged SKI free,
plus the sum of five dollars. Within the same transaction, each subsequent
overcharge for same SKU entitles a consumer to the item free, plus one

Above from p. 11

Although this may be a further update to the above, from press release, can't pull up the law reference ATM
Customers are also entitled to “super-refunds” under the new law. This component of the new item pricing regulation entitles consumers to receive the overcharged item for free, plus the difference between the price marked and the price charged, as well as an additional penalty of 10 times the price difference, provided that amount is between $1 and $10.

You can count on two things. The groceries there don't want you to know about this regulation and they probably put some emphasis/employee time on having pretty accurate pricing in their scanner data base or at least fixing errors quickly once someone points it out to them.

I think this link has more live links to state regulations than the one you posted, at least from what I'm seeing.