VOIP for home phone (inc. 911) for swap or sale

Howdy Folks.
We got an Ooma Telo a while back & went through all kinds of nuttiness finding out that it didn't get along with our internet, and all the factors pointed at incompatibility with our SB6121 cable modem.

The solution was accomplished by adding their wifi adapter, which connected one step away via our separate wifi router, and worked pretty well.

Unfortunately 'pretty well' became tiresome after a while, and that is when I posted here asking about GV options for home.

Finally the Obi200 came back down in price & we grabbed that...disconnected the Telo & all is well.

So we have the Telo and its nifty little wifi dongle which have been set as unlocked & ready for someone to reuse by the Ooma folks.

The same exact rig is being sold at ebay right now for under $40;
(New, the current Telo model goes for almost $100, which is way high IMO.)

Here in Vermont the monthly charge for using it at the unlimited base level was ~$4.

Now it needs a new home - and can either be bought for a reasonable price, or can be traded for some gadget of roughly equal value (like maybe an older 7" Android device ??).

Any reasonable offer considered & of course I can be reached for initial contact right through here.

Thanks for reading this & Happy Holidays to All !!

(Re-posting this as the title somehow got screwed up...)