Visible swap question

I know it will take a while for people to migrate back, but in the meantime, I wanted to pose a question.

My aunt has an old Verizon flip phone and is on my sister's family plan. As they are shutting down 3G towards the end of the year, my sister asked if there was a way to get her an updated phone. I know Visible is Verizon and supposedly you pay for one month and the phone usually comes unlocked anyway. I have lots of old phones I could turn in, BUT my issue is the number port. I don't have any extra lines/numbers to port for the swap deals.

So my question is (not necessarily Visible specific) does anyone know of a cheap way to get numbers to port in for Visible? I'm not sure if you are limited to the list on Visible | It's Phone Service. In An App. since I'm not sure if the swap deal is considered a promotion.

Boost Mobile has $0.99 promo Boost Mobile | Best Boost Deals | Try Boost Mobile
If you are not Boost Mobile client, you may use this deal to get a new number for port in.

For a swap you don't need one off the list. Any will do. If it isn't accepted you'll see a $120 charge showing before final checkout.

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Thanks all. I'll look into those. I also mentioned to my sister that since our aunt only has a small income from social security, she might want to check the lifeline programs to see if she qualifies.

If she qualifies, it's a no-brainer. I think she could use your help even more if she qualifies-- comparison shopping is not easy, and it's not easy to figure out what features/capabilities are available.