Visible referral issue

I had 2 referees used my code and activated services. Both paid $5.00 for first month, but both shows "No credit earned" shown on my Referrals page. Do this happens for you?

Looks like Visible has a bug. You may change your referral code to a link.

Credits aren't credited to a referring person's account until the other person actually activates their lines...simply paying is not enough. Have the people you referred activated yet?

Yes, they activated.

Suggest you chat with their CS to see if they can credit you.

Probably got the code wrong. double check what code you gave to them. If it has Os and 0s in it can get mixed up or Ls ls and 1s.

It should be correct code, because referee's name is on my Referrals page.

So Visible reveals the name of anyone who uses a referral? What other info about the person is revealed?