Visible new features

1.Referral program is back. Whenever someone uses your code you get a month for $5. Max 12 at a time.
Here is mine and a few others:

  1. Calls to Canada/Mexico and more are now free

  2. Partypay groups are now unlimited in number. You don't get any extra benefit other than if someone drops out you won'get get a surprise extra bill for if you still have 4+ members.

  3. New official visible community forum

See here for more:

I wonder what the impact will be on the Reddit Visible subforum, if Visible has their own community. I imagine Visible reps will become less active on Reddit, but it will retain followers for discussing how to get the most benefit from Reddit.
I'm hoping the Visible Community doesn't become another official forum where problems are immediately taken out of the forum and handled on a one-to-one basis via PM, which often results in the community not learning anything about why something didn't work, and what the solutions might be.

I'm also curious about the effect of unlimited Party sizes. Will this make it harder for new Parties to get started? (Why join a party with 2 members, if you can join one that already has 5.....)

All very interesting. I certainly appreciate the larger groups, but wonder why make them unlimited and what the impact of that will be.

Id imagine that there will be many that rather not be part of a huge group with their limited information shared (name and partial phone number).

I like how you only see the name and partial number when someone joins now. It isn't listed after that. I'd rather theynot show any of the number at all but they are getting there.

There is just no advantage to small groups. If a few decide to leave your bill is impacted. But if you are in a group with 100s then no problem.

Not really liking the new community forum. It is very busy design wise and socially oriented with badges and all that stuff. Hard to find important info. in my opinion.

It is kind of sad really to see what is happening. Reddit is currently being swamped by referrals and parties. Everyone trying to grab what they can.

And not really seeing the point of the referral program since the person signing up gets nothing. Not much incentive other than helping out a fellow user.

The info Visible has released certainly doesn't make this clear, focusing more on the what's in it for the person offering a referral.
But if I email my referral link to another email address, I see this:
"A friend wants you to try Visible. And, well, we do too, so here's half off your first month ($20) when you use this code- "

So there is something in it for the person using the code. I haven't checked, but I suspect Visible might discontinue the generic 1st-month promo codes in favor of this.

I checked and the referral doesn't add anything. I removed the $15 new member discount and then added a referral and the price was $40. So it doesn't do anything for the person signing up. SAVE2021 gets you $20 off and appears to stackwith the referral.

Seems odd. Maybe a glitch?


Yep, something's odd. I I try to replicate your path, I see a prefilled $15 discount (using an incognito browser to avoid any cookies) before I apply my referral code. Applying the referral code says it's accepted, but the $15 discount doesn't change. It definitely doesn't match the $20 discount that my emailed invitation indicates. I don't know what part is screwed up, or how it should be working. Does your self-mailed invitation indicate a discount amount like mine does? ($20 in mine.)

SAVE2021 expired so it doesn't matter. You get a $15 discount on the 1st month whether you use a referral or not.

Then that seems to confirm mmfacemm's observation that there's no advantage to a new customer to use a referral code, at least for now. Not only that, but since the shoppoing cart seems to be preconfigured for the $15 available-to-everyone-without-a-referral discount, the chances of someone entering your referral code go way down, unless they're following a link. (And hopefully following the link actually registers your code...)

I guess they timed it to expire at the same time. Was working yesterday.

KentE - my email just said I'd get a month at $5 if a referral uses my code.

I just ordered another ZTE A3 through the swap program, as I'll need an unlimited data plan on March 1. I'm actually trading in a phone that truly qualifies this time - a badly damaged but legit old Kyocera phone with an IMEI that passed Visible's IMEI checker. Waiting till now allowed me to only pay $25 for the month of service (SAVE2021 didn't stack with swaps). Most importantly, Rakuten is running $40 cashback, and that is showing up on my account already though the payout isn't until May 15. So, I've already profited $15 and will profit a bit more when I sell the A3.

Giving Visible a try. Couple questions, If data works well in my area can I swap the visible sim into another unlocked Verizon capable smartphone? I bought the Blade A7 and it comes with a $50 virtual reward after 2 paid months of service. The 1st month is $25. Party pay is $25 per month, do you join party pay right when you activate or before? Any tips to get that $25 per month lower? Yes, I’m that cheap! Rak also has a $60 cash back offer. I ported in an expendable number so if I find out Visible doesn’t work well in my area I can port out or leave after 2 months but I’d really like to have unlimited Verizon for $300 per year!

yes you can swap the sim into another phone

join a party after you activate

Only way to get the $25 lower is to refer other people. Every time you refer someone you pay $5 for a month. You can get your code in your account after you activate.

Visible doesn't work on every Verizon-compatible phone, especially with respect to Androids. For iPhones, it has to be an iPhone 6 or later running on IOS 12 or later. The iPhone 5s 5c or 5 won't work because they don't support VoLTE. Phones running IOS 11 or earlier don't work because they don't support Visible call settings

Android is much harder to pin down. At a minimum, it has to support VoLTE. However, there are a good number of Verizon VoLTE phones that still don't fully support Visible. For example, I have a Galaxy S6 that works on Verizon but is data-only for Visible.

Hey I have a favor to ask of anyone who has active service on Visible on iPhone. Could you please sign in to the Visible app on your iPhone. After you decline linking with touch or face ID, do you see the following message?

"Once your old carrier unplugs your service, you'll be able to receive calls and text. Should be quick."

I'm somehow seeing that message even though my number ported successfully several months ago and is working fine for talk/text/data. I think I know why this is happening but want to confirm that this is an oddity on my account.

No iPhone here-- but I've read that some users (without remembering which OS they're using) see a similar message for a long time after successful activation. I haven't ever seen anyone make a reasonable analysis of 'why', other han the system reporting to the app being flaky.

We have not ran into that issue with our 12 Pro not when we had the service on an iPhone 6s (back almost two years if my math is not wrong), I will say that I preferred the Android experience when using Visible vs IOS (seems glitchy when sharing data.

in retrospect, I think I may have seen something glitchy with the app.