Visible eligible carrier list for port in promos

Must be from one of these or port in promos are invalid. Seems silly to me to exclude carriers like tello, simple mobile, verizon prepaid, boom, twigby, mobi, us mobile, redpocket etc. But freedompop is there :lol:

AT&T Prepaid
Boost Mobile
Cricket Wireless
Net10 Wireless
Page Plus Cellular
Republic Wireless
Straight Talk
T-Mobile Prepaid
Total Wireless
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile USA
Walmart Family Mobile
Consumer Cellular
Google Fi
Mint Mobile
Spectrum Mobile
Xfinity Mobile

Indeed an unusual list! Tracfone, and sisters Net10, Total, Straight Talk,Page Plus, and Family Mobile are on the approved list: Simple Mobile is not.

FreedomPop is a strange inclusion-- but handy for me if I decide to go again, since my FreedomPop #'s are pretty much disposable at this point. A lot of pretty good sized MVNO's are missing-- H20 comes to mind.

The most significant exclusion is Hangouts/Google Voice. This will prevent people from paying $3 to quickly obtain a number to qualify for a swap deal. Same with Tello - no more easy $5 numbers that can be instantly ported out.

I can see why they would probably want to include Tello and Google Voice. My guess is that they probably picked up on how easy it was to obtain numbers for ports. Another thought is that they have statistics on what companies have the largest "turnover" (if that's the right word).

Some others on the list just blow my mind. Watch FP go on the no go list soon!

Oh well, we are already with them, so doubt I'll need to take advantage of future promos.

The growing list will make it harder for those looking for a great offer to switch.

It's sad - but just looking at the Slickdeals treads, the amount of people gaming these companies is mind-blowing. I can see taking advantage of a few deals, but people placing ridiculous amounts of orders and bragging about how they are just selling them... Well, it just makes it bad for the rest.

Anyway, end of rant...

FWIW, I ported a number from FreedomPop to Visible. It was a pain, because FreedomPop did not display the correct PIN on the dashboard, and didn't really update the PIN when the PIN was manually updated in the dashboard. (I could change the PIN number displayed, but the change didn't really take place in their database.)

Visible was great through the process, through multiple port request rejections. Each time, Visible let me know of the problem, followed up via chat in the app, or by calling support (as they requested), verified the info I had, and tried again.

Finally got the port to complete after contacting FreedomPop via twitter to get the correct, hidden, PIN #.

I went through this exact same process. Exact.

In September, I ported to Visible from FreedomPop. Although I didn't have the PIN issue that KentE and Chelle had, I had an annoying issue - FreedomPop zeroed out my existing top-up credit ($25+), asked me to order a new SIM, charged me $10 + tax. After that, I used the same SIM, with a new number of course. I haven't asked for the lost top-up credit, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this with FreedomPop.

Given the new FreedomPop free plans, it'll probably be good riddance anyways in time.