"Visible"comes into Focus

"Visible" a new Verizon owned but independently operated company is offering unlimited t&t and data on the Verizon network for $40 a month, but for now it is BYOD, and only iphones can apply. Speeds are limited to 5mbps, but there is never throttling and hotspot use is included. Seems I heard the name "Visible" some time ago, but maybe not. Interesting advertising with their "404 Store Not Found" signs around town, given they will have no stores.

I couldn't find anything about hotspot usage.

Is it unlimited?

This is from the KTLA link above: "Even mobile hotspot is included for a limited time, at least for early adopters signing up for the plan." But how many GBs and whether or not it's 4G, is anyone's guess. I haven't looked on the FAQs from the "Visible" sight, but maybe there is more info there about hotspot usage.

***Just saw this in the FAQs---"Does Visible service include using my phone as a hotspot?
During early access our members will get mobile hotspot with unlimited data at a speed that’s perfect for streaming, up to 5 Mbps. You’ll be able to connect one phone at a time. To enable/disable hotspot, take a look at Apple’s Support page (How to set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad - Apple Support)."

I signed up for Visible Wireless when they launched earlier this year, but was not impressed. Throttled LTE-only (with high latency) and no CDMA fallback. There were Visible outages at the time as well. Perhaps service has improved since then. https://www.reddit.com/r/Visible

So my memory wasn't faulty after all, since "Visible" has been around awhile. Must be the Dark Roast at work. The article took some liberties in using the word "new", perhaps meaning that it's new because it's now open to everyone, not just by invitation only. So I guess the old invitation only adopters and the new early adopters are all early adopters. But how many early adopters will be permitted ? From a brief look at "Visible" on reddit, let's hope they fixed the problems so that Verizon's good image does not suffer.


Do they charge taxes and fees or is $40 all inclusive?

I guess the $40 is all inclusive.

So, with the $100 for BYOD, you would pay $20 for 2 month of unlimited everything on Verizon!

All-inclusive. $40 includes taxes and fees.

Hm... Neither Moto G5 Plus nor Moto G6 are compatible. :frowning:

i heard from somewhere that tethering was to one device only.

We are trying them now since they had that iPhone deal with the Prepaid card. So far, I am impressed considering where I live at. Speeds cap at about 6 - 6.7 Mbps in my case (using their iPhone since the Moto Power G7 is a no go on their network). Hotspot is still unlimited and they claim one device. Testing on that to come. The latency comment is certainly valid (low to mid 100ms pings). Then again, on a small town where people have issues as it is. Calls have been clear.

Looks like they dropped the speed cap so enjoy your fast speeds!

Oh yeah, and fast they became! I thought it was sweet and now it’s better! True it’s only LTE, but that’s just about everywhere with Verizon including my small town. Worst case, FreeUp to the rescue!

The G7 is supposed to be on the visible list this week. Not sure if that will mean your G7 power will work or not but you might get lucky and get another nice surprise.

I like how visible also send you free stuff. It keeps things interesting. It seems to be pretty random who gets what and when though! GoogleFi used to do it too but not really any more.

I'm not a Visible customer, but I'm curious... what sort of free stuff do they send you?

Here is a selection people have received.

Also $50-100 amazon gift cards, portable battery charger, $5 amc gift card etc.

Projectfi used to send out cases, headphones, lego packs and things like that. I guess it is all part of being in a beta type program as a thank you for sticking around.

I only got a Visible one year anniversary PIN :-(.
When Project Fi became Google Fi on 11/28/2018, I bought a Pixel 3 XL for $900 and Google gave me $900 of airline giftcard. That was a very generous gift.

It is great that Visible is forcing every prepaid carrier's hand on single line unlimited plan. Either match it /beat it or die.

So I finally got to chat with them (they have had long hold times). It turns out that they are only going to allow Moto phones that they themselves sold. As a result, I am not able to use my Moto G7 Power despite the fact that is the very thing they sell.

Sorry to hear that! It does seem as though Visible is limiting availability to only a few select phones from the Android universe, but perhaps that's part of their quality control and/or profitability strategy. (BYODs might have more issues than they want to deal with, even if many phones have the specs that should work successfully on their network.)

Hopefully they will open up their BYOD eligibility once they are (even more) fully established and done with their Beta testing. Time will tell...

Well, today I got an unexpected gift. Certainly thankful to Visible. If they could only keep up with their staffing demands due to the recent promotions (wait time are insane). Hoping the long waits are temporary.

Agreed! When I tried to contact support via chat (at 5 PM PDT, I never got a reply until 5:20 AM the next day, while my phone and I were still asleep. If they could get their support staff up to speed they would get a lot more folks like me (who need help, "yesterday", fairly frequently). Of course, they might not want that many higher-maintenance folks like me :slight_smile: , but that's a whole different issue.