Visible Activation Question

I ordered a Visible sim during their last promo and should be receiving it next week.

From what I remember reading, Visible's activation process can be problematic if you don't follow some precise sequence of actions. Something about when to put the sim into your phone, when to log into the app, etc.

I don't want to mess things up by doing the wrong thing during activation because I have also read that their customer service is not the best. So step-by-step activation tips much appreciated. TIA.

Don't think there is anything special to do these days.

Pop in sim,
Download app,
Open app and wait for the activate button to appear if it isn't there immediately,
Click it and sign in,
Confirm autopay,
Let it activate,
Reboot a few times until you see signal bars,
Test calls and you are done done
Sign up for party pay

It's a little more complicated when the carrier you are porting your number from issues PINs that expire after X number of days. After you activate via the app and sign in, you will get an email saying that there's a problem with the PIN you gave Visible when purchasing. When you get that email, you should first obtain a new pin from your old carrier. Then, click the link in the Visible email to enter the new PIN. Visible will then re-attempt the port. If everything goes smoothly, your service should activate fairly quickly.

I had an issue with porting a number into Visible: long story, but not Visible's fault at all-- the losing carrier had problems getting me the correct porting credentials. To Visible's credit, they were very persistent in following up, contacting me several times to let me know of the issue, and a couple of attempts to correct it. Once I finally managed to get the correct info, all went smoothly. A lot better than the horror stories we sometimes hear.