VERY BAD Omen!!!!!!

All cellnuvo swaps are now ZERO!!!

Including 4 month swaps.

This is a very bad sign imho

I wanted cellnuvo to stay in business ,but this new information combined with no payments and no email replies.
Swipr app delisted.

Spells doom to me.

Let's not forget little to no ads

I hope I am wrong on this

PS. Please verify this information on your phones cellnuvo app.

I personally would not hold my breath. I signed up a long time ago for the 9-month option at 750 for $1 but I do not expect any of that back. It's time to find other options of making a quick buck

All zeros on my swipir app but quite a few ads and surveys for a change. I'll check the CellNUVO app shortly.

All swaps show zero here, too.

Well, whoever took the 50% cut and got their checks already, congrats. Very sad for the rest of us.

Looks troublesome, but then again, I was ready to loose on the 600+ combined on all accounts. We will see what they say. Tempted to update my service inquiry.

They don't seem to answer email anymore

I would not wait. Not that it will make a difference now.

Why would they take all the swaps away? Including the 4 month unlimited? I see this as terrible news. I now seriously question their survival.

Everything that has happened lately is summing up as going bk.

I truly hope I am wrong. The worst part is no reply to emails and no representative coming to the Forum to talk to us.

Even if you would think that they cut out new swaps. So they could pay next month and
Not worried about anything new coming. But then why would they cancel 6 month and nine month swaps?

Is my biggest fear is coming to reality. I am truly annoyed that Tom or a representative didn't come to The forum and tell us they are closing shop. That is at least they owe us imho

Again I truly hope I am wrong

The most worrisome thing to me is the lack of response to CS emails. It doesn't take that much effort to put together a cookie-cutter response to those asking about late payments.

No swap offers listed is a concern, for sure. But it may be just another server glitch.

I do not believe it is a glitch.

Here is why

Instant, 1 month, 2 month have run out quite a while ago and never replenished.

Then 9 month went down to $41 and not replenish. Then magically went to zero the same time as the 4 month

6 month had $2300 then just disappear to zero same time as the four month.

4 month was always unlimited now disappear to zero

I cannot believe that these are glitches.

It seems deliberate to me.

The lame excuse of delays due to a holiday (being backed up) when the check of $62.00 was requested way before to me screams "there is trouble in paradise". Sure, I hope to receive the funds that I should have had back when I placed my order, but honestly... I am not even counting with that. Best of luck to us all!

I'm personally tired of holidays, glitches, weekends, all excuses.

It's beyond tiresome and believable.

I'd rather have them tell us the truth. Rather than string us along.

BAD. No replies from Stephanie, Tom, Or support @cellnuvo. Sent emails last week. Radio silence

All of us.

Whatever Goodwill they built up the last year or so is destroyed Imho

Not making payments and ignoring all communication is rude and reputation crushing.

What is happening now could of been envisioned as worst case scenario.

No payments, no swaps, no communication.

Maybe CN is trying to sell us to another company... remember what some of these companies do right before something big and bad happens?

Or pocket the money and run is also an option