Verizon Will Start Locking Phones To Network

Despite 47 CFR 27.16 (Network access requirements for Block C in the 746-757 and 776-787 MHz bands), Verizon will start locking phones to its network again.

i hate this locked to a network stuff. it makes those readily available blu phones look more and more attractive. this past Dec i had to play the unlock phone tag game in order to free up a phone locked to virgin so that ferocious jr could use it on tello. it was frustrating not really on the tello part but because virgin was too busy to get to me while i was on hold. virgin is significantly smaller than verizon. id hate to be the person with this issue when they start network locking. it wouldnt take just a day to talk to cs it would be a lot longer process.

Yeah, in their logic, there must be a high percentage of Moto G and other unlocked phones getting stolen... like maybe this one

I like this one, not quite as powerful but 1/3 the cost, it has a 5000mah battery and it's Sprint free for a year eligible.

Oh wow, look at this extensive list of UNLOCKED phones from B&H that are targets of cell phone thefts! :woohoo: