Verizon Postpaid Unlimited Multi-Line Plan Costs Less Than All Other Providers

Verizon's direct postpaid new unlimited high speed data (and talk and text) plan for multiple lines costs less than Cricket and almost any other provider (Big 4 carriers, MVNO, prepaid or postpaid) currently. Verizon's cost for unlimited service for multiple lines is:

per month for unlimited data

per line access fee for up to 10 smartphones

Auto Pay & paper-free billing discount

So five lines would work out to costing $40 per line. 10 lines would work out to $30 per line. For an unlimited LTE service plan (with possible deprioritization after 22 GB [per line], in line with other carrier's policies.)

I'm not aware of any lower costing plans elsewhere. And this would be on the Verizon network, billed directly by Verizon and customer service from Verizon.

What am I missing?

Boost is offering 4 unlimited lines for $100/month, right now.

Good to know about Boost, thanks. It's still a bit shocking that not only a Big 4 carrier is offering this pricing for unlimited, but that it is from Verizon postpaid, and all that entails.

And it appears to be much more competitive than almost anything out there.

How long do those Verizon prices last?

This is their standard non-promotional pricing, currently.