Verizon mvno alternatives to tracfone?

Has anyone been able to use mms on Page plus paygo, or add the $10 data card to a Page plus Paygo plan?
Any suggestions for a Verizon based plan with minimal > 100 minutes per month voice and text and slow unlimited data? I'm considering Twigby and Pix wireless.
It would be nice to have a reliable no surprises plan for a change. Tracfone works out to less than $5 per month but it has become worthless and even dangerous if I can't send and receive mms messages reliably when I have an emergency at my remote work location.
Tracfone just ate all the data AGAIN. That is twice within a 12 month period. After 6 months at the same location using less than 80mb total data during a 6 month period, tracfone has suddenly decided I am roaming and ate all my 1gb data within the hour.

You might check out Expo Mobile paygo plans on verizon. $10 for 90 day--2c a minute, 2c a text and 5c a mbp on 3G network. I don't know anything about Expo other than the $10 paygo plan looks inviting for lite users.

als, are you using a smartphone on Tracfone? I was under the impression that only feature phones have any roaming on Tracfone, so that would be a surprise.

Fallback 2G is tough to find on a Verizon MVNO. Pix Wireless is the cheapest I see. (Unlimited talk/text, 500mb LTE with 2G fallback, $15/mo).
Twigby isn't a solution if you need Verizon MMS/data-- Twigby roams on Vzw for talk/text only.

Tracfone does offer data-only refills at $10/GB, and I think a current bonus code that adds an additional 500mb to a 1GB refill card. Not a great solution if it can get eaten up in a day, though.

Thanks all. KentE, your kind answer just saved a whole lot of time, money and hassle porting, ordering sims, buying a plan, using referrals that ultimately would not credit,then discovering that Twigby will not work for verizon mms. On twigbys' website they advertise "We partner with two of America’s largest cellular networks to give you better coverage,"
Back to the drawing board.For mms I'll try switching work contacts to google voice and forwarding calls to my cell. At least I'll be able to get mms whenever I can connect to wifi. The downside of cheap tracfone service is no longer worth the hassle , I'll slowly wean off of tracfone one phone at a time, till we work our minutes and service days down.
Ultimately I would like to end up with verizon MVNO unlimited talk text and slow unlimited internet as sometimes during incidents, far from civilization they would be immeasurably helpful. Is it worth tripling or quadrupling my currrent phone bill to have it in place just in case? That is the question I am wrangling with right now.
Thanks again to everyone for the knowledge and kindness

It's a big problem if you only have workable coverage under one network.... (and especially if it's Verizon, who seems to be stingier with 2G fallback.....)

I need Verizon coverage in some areas I travel to, but have good coverage from other networks in town where I spend most of my time. I use Google Voice, forwarded to whichever phone I need, and only use my Tracfone Verizon line when I'm out of service area for other network coverage. (They were our only phones for years, though.)
I've never had the type of issue you've had with Tracfone, but there are plenty of reports on the internet from people who have had mysterious data usage, or disappearing allotments. Not sure it's limited to Tracfone, since I've seen similar reports with other carriers/networks, but Tracfone seems to have more than it's share of issues with it.

Hi, @als,

This is probably not what you're looking for, but...

Verizon Prepaid (the real Verizon, not an MVNO) offers a 3 GB plan for $35 per month (including a $5 discount for auto-pay) with unlimited throttled data after you use up your high-speed allotment. That's a bit expensive, but if you have enough CellNUVO gold saved up, you could get it for free. (One caveat: IF, and only if, I'm reading the fine print in their Terms and Conditions correctly, you can't use any VPN or they charge extra, so that might be a deal-breaker.)

Good luck on your quest for the features you need for the best price, and if you don't mind sharing, please let us know where you end up once you find the "right fit"!

@als You can also consider Red Pocket's (CDMA) "Essentials Plan" with 500min/500msg/500MB per month @ $99/360 days on eBay, though these are hard limits.

Add-ons are available:

Thanks for all the suggestions. Right now I'm considering pix wireless and verizon 55+ go unlimited if I can get 2 $250 prepaid cars for opening up 2 lines on one plan?

Can anyone here recommend Pix wireless or the verizon 55+ go unlimited plan with $250 prepaid cards for switching? I am in a verizon network service only area and could really use unlimited slow data for the next 6 to 8 months.
Does anyone here have experience with getting two $250 prepaid cards to open a 55+ go l unlimited with two lines? new customer
verizon postpaid 55+ or Pix wireless?
Verizon is offering a $250 mastercard on qualified plans per line for new customers on verizon post paid.
Theoretically I think I could switch 2 lines to the 55+ unlimited go plan@ $80 /month for both lines for 6 months= $480
while collecting $440(after activation fees) for a total cost of $40 for six months unlimited service for 2 lines.

  1. Has anyone successfully done this?
  2. What kind of taxes and fees do you end up with in your location. Are there any cancellation fees with verizon postpaid?
  3. I'd need to find one inexpensive smartphone eligible to use on verizon. Any ideas what that will run?
  4. Any other gotchas I need to be aware of with verizon postpaid?
  5. I see ebates offers up to $75 what kind of credit can I expect. Will it really work combined with the prepaid card offer?
  6. referrals? for pix wireless or verizon?

Pix wireless seems more straightforward $15/month talk text and unlimited slow data, but a sim card will add $11 (verizon compatible cdma sim) to the cost. Anybody have any good or bad to say about pix wireless?
What are taxes and fees currently running on pix wireless. at your destination? I'm currently in NC or can use a Florida address if one is better than the other.
DD special thanks for the suggestion about verizon I keep circling back to the verizon plans with the $250 prepaid card( per line I hope) for switching. I was a verizon prepaid customer back in 2010 for a couple of years, then, all of a sudden the costs and fees started going up, so we got out. I am leery cause it seems pretty complex and lots can go wrong. but it sure seems attractive for a few months.

@als, according to the Pix website, taxes and fees are already included in the price:

And it seems that their customer service is US-based and available 24/7 -- nice!