Verify your credit card transactions

Just found 2 of my cards with fraudulent charges by the same person. I am guessing it is some kind of online breach at one of the places where I've used both cards. Better review your credit card transactions for 2021!

@PEW, Sorry that you have to deal with this! Keeping on top of credit card transactions is always a good idea. Personally, I've set up text alerts for most of my cards (when used at gas stations, card-not-present, etc.) and they have really paid off. The most egregious fraudulent charge I was notified about, a couple of years ago, was for $5000 to some "charity" I had never even heard of! As soon as I got the alert, I called to let them know it was most definitely a fraudulent attempt to use my card. The pending charge was cancelled and they sent me a new card right away.

Additionally, I've locked several of my cards that are infrequently used (I just unlock them as needed), and I also use virtual cards online if I'm not sure how trustworthy the vendor is.

Hope you are able to resolve things quickly and successfully. Good luck!

I just got charged this strange transaction called "annual fee" sounds fraudulent to me.

It could be fraudulent, or it could be legit. Some cards do have annual fees (and some of those waive them for the first year, sort of a promo to get you to sign up, and start charging after that). Probably best to contact the credit card company at the phone number on the back of your card to make sure.

Ask if they have a retention offer to negate that annual fee. I’ve had good luck with some issuers.