Verified Telecom Representatives

This forum seems to be attracting the attention of MVNO employees and officials. That's great!

In the interests of trust and transparency, I'm going to begin verifying "official" MVNO/telecom employees.

If you are a representative of an MVNO or telecom company and would like to post here, please create a forum account using your company email address. Once the account is activated, contact me (Contact Us - Nth Circle) and let me know who you are, which company you represent, and the exact forum username you're using. Once I verify your information, you'll be awarded a shiny new "Verified" badge!


hungryghost, the original url for this forum stopped working sometime today. Some places on the rp forum still link to it.

Perhaps it is possible to forward it to the new url.

Thanks for the heads up! I've been doing some reorganizing and apparently broke some things. Should be fixed now!