Varying Sprint SIM cards

So I guess the Moto G5 uses a different SIM card than the Moto G6... any idea why Sprint requires different SIM cards for each phone? Seems there is not really such a need as Boost sells an all in one tri-cut SIM card that'd work on all(?) phones.

Does Boost sell 'one'? I haven't seen that one. I know Boost sells a kit that contains 3 tri-cut SIM cards that work on most multi-carrier phones. I think that same kit of 3 works with the Sprint-only variants of the same phones, but does not work on many older Sprint-only phones.

There isn't an all in one sim. All these providers are selling the same sims and just re-branding them. The boost one is probably the same as the sprint one that works on some but not all.

I have no idea why they need so many different ones. Really ridiculous.

If you want cheap sims try twigby.

I am getting my SIM from Ting as a Thank You for fixing my Fi phone. Minus 1 star for Google Fi customer service.

So the Moto G5 Plus takes a Ting "Z1" CDMA SIM
and the Moto G6 takes a Ting "C7" CDMA SIM...

Do Twigby, Ting and Boost's Sprint based SIMs work with Unreal's Sprint based service?

Yes. All Sprint-network providers can use the same SIM card, regardless of the original 'brand' on the SIM. (Of course, not all phones use the same SIM card-- it has to be the right card for the phone model.) If you already have a Sprint SIM in the phone, the easiest path is to reuse the same SIM.

What is the most economical source to obtain a Sprint SIM card?

Ting is pretty good at $5 SIM and $4 shipping. Best Buy wants $10 for the Boost brand SIM and you have to go pick it up.

If you have an iPhone you can get one free at the Apple store.

I know I'm late on this, but there's a ton of great information from the former VP of product of Ting and a few Sprint employees here:

tl;dr Because they can.

Some nthcirclers use this

Does this work with the Moto G6?

IDK, but the one I got from Ting is part # SIMGLW416Q

The Boost Mobile triple SIM pack comes with SIMOLW416Q + SIMOLW506C + SIMOLW506TQ

From the Ting reference page, Moto G6 uses SIMOLW416Q.
From my reading, the SIMOLW- and SIMGLW- variants are made by different manufacturers, but interchangeable. So PEW's SIM #, and the one included in the kit, are really the same SIM.

I received the Boost triple pack today from ShopCellDeals. (Quick shipping and only $4.99) It has three separate SIM cards, one of which is the SIMOLW416Q. I checked the ICCID with the Ting BYOD site which said it is good to use. But when checking on Unreal Mobile's site it didn't validate the SIM card and told me to call their customer service.

Just to mention that I got on the "Unreal" Sprint plan some time ago using the SIMOLW416Q sim in my Moto G 5 S+ phone, and I don't recall having to call or contact anyone. And I believe the Moto G6 and my phone use the same Sprint sim, according to Ting. I got my sim on ebay.

Sounds like Sprint realized people were buying Boost SIMs for use outside of Boost and decided to flag those SIMs for Boost specifically. Just another way to inconvenience the customers. Hopefully T-Mobile will move everyone to GSM once they buy out Sprint, I mean merge.

That doesn't seem to be the case since Ting accepts the Boost SIM for its CDMA service.

The question is why Unreal is having an issue.

It just occurred to me that "Unreal" has been for some time been pushing the $10 and above GSM plan, and if I not mistaken, there has been little if anything said about the$10 Sprint plan offer, which I suppose is because the GSM $10 VOIP plan, while not a good deal imo, is much more profitable for Unreal than the great Sprint deal. Hence, even if your sim is just fine, Unreal wants to talk to you and try to get you on the GSM plan rather than the Sprint plan.That's my speculation, anyway.

Disregard my above issue with Unreal. I went through the signup process again this morning and was able to successfully activate new service on the Sprint network with Unreal using the Boost SIM. Not sure what the glitch was last evening.