Various issues with surgephone service

ive been experiencing different issues with the service and surgephone seems to be downright useless in taking ownership for any issues. just wanted to see if anyone experiences the same and can give me some troubleshooting tips

1.)phone doesnt ring with calls occasionally. didnt even notice this issue until i called my own phone the one time, phone doesnt get a missed call so if they dont leave a voicemail i would never know who called me.

2.) poor reception in areas where i should have strong bars. its very random and i have not experienced this with other mvnos

3.)data drains by alot. im usually around wifi so i should alot more data left.

3) Are you running the Moolah or SurgeRewards app? I think data usage is one of the possible concerns we've been wondering about. I believe the SurgeRewards app has a setting to run only when WiFi is available.

i currently dont have the surge rewards app installed,and to be honest i have yet to be able to login to the moolah app. it has yet to send me a confirmation email so its just been sitting there.

Never had those issues. But yes support is generally useless. I have service now so will carry on whilst it is relatively easy to get for free but I wouldn't recommend it.

yeah ill be leaving regardless because of the issues im having and not seeing them resolving the issue since they jsut want to pass the buck. ill try a different device and see if anything changes, could be my phone

I have no experience with Surgephone service and coverage.

I've seen complaints about missed calls on the T-Mobile network in general. Some discussion seems to tie it to VoLTE, possibly the lack of, or band 12 coverage. and possibly a failure of the network or phone stepping down from VoLTE when necessary. If you've used T-Mo on a similar device in your area, this may be irrelevant.

Seems like intermittent coverage might also be tied to the device. T-Mo uses a lot of bands, so it's hard to compare unless you have the same bands available on another phone on another T-Mo MVNO. I'm unaware of MVNO restrictions that would make coverage different between different T-Mo MVNOs (but there are lots of things I"m unaware of. )