Value of privacy

So got an offer from Groupon for a $3 rebate and 20% discount (or was it rebate) for registering my credit card. Term states that enables Groupon to view all activities associated with that card (not sure about related cards if with same bank or if that goes as far as all credit cards with my name on on it)...


I think I would pass on that offer. Somehow, I trust Groupon less to provide adequate security for personal information than a company that specializes in such matters... like, say, Equifax.

Go Kent go! You are definitely smokin' hot, spot on today!
Trust Equifax more than Groupon. That ain't sayin' a whole lot....LOL

Does anybody have a handle on what info you share through CellNUVO? Or FreedomPop for that matter?

Speaking of Equifax, I just today got a letter from that adept company stating that I'm one of the 145.5 million people "potentially impacted"by the cybersecurity incident. I'm really starting to dislike the "potentially" word.

But there was good news(groan): by 1/31/2018, Equifax will offer a new service allowing all consumers (and the crooks who have my identity) the option of controlling access to their personal credit data. The service we are developing ( uh,oh ) will let consumers easily lock and unlock access to their Equifax credit files---for free, for life. Amazing.