Using MMS on unlimited 2g with Tello

Has anyone texted pictures after using up their allotted LTE being on the 2g speed with Tello? I need to know if the pics will go thru before I recommend Tello to a friend Thanks

I haven't used up my high-speed data allotment any month since I switched to Tello, but I would expect that you should be able to text pictures, even if they might take longer to send.

Hopefully others who use more data and have experienced the throttling to 2G (@Kent? @Chelle?) can verify one way or the other.

I was able to make phone calls using Google Hangouts while on Tello's 2g. I suspect that MMS would work, as well.

Well, I was pretty certain mms pictures would not be an issue, and was typing an answer to that effect-- and then recalled that Tello has very responsive customer service.
Chat transcript:
I'm trying to help a prospective customer understand 2G fallback, and have a question: Would it be possible to send/receive a picture via mms while on throttled 2G? Would larger file size pictures be a problem, other than the time involved to send or receive?10:54:16

Unfortunately, MMS messages (Picture Messages) will not go through while the service is throttled to 2G connection.10:58:41

Thanks. Is this limitation a specific policy of Tello 2G fallback, or would it be a universal problem at 2G speeds?10:55:54

No, this will be a set up on Tello's side. 11:02:47

Thanks, Josue! I'll share this information, and remind them that they can bump up a level in the plan for a month if it becomes critical for them.

From that chat, it appears that mms will not function with Tello 2G fallback-- but that may not be a universal situation with all 2G fallback suppliers.
I think one can set up a Tello plan to allow it to bump up to the next data level in months when you used the full allotment. (Although you should confirm this, as it's from my memory.) For example if 500mb would typically be enough data, you'd pay for the 500mb plan when you stayed under 500mb, but step up to the 1GB plan when needed. (I know you can do this manually, if not automatically.)

Why would they do that?

Gv allows mms using 2g

Good point. I've used my Tello line well beyond the 200mb of data I have on my plan in a couple of months, and I'm pretty dependent on texting. I also use Google Voice. I don't specifically remember 'yes or no' on using mms while throttled-- but if I did, it would have gone through GV anyway-- presumably without issues, since GV doesn't care. (My GV # is my primary contact #, and I have GV set up to forward to carrier sms/mms because I like the counter available through carrier messaging-- but I would have gotten the mms through GV regardless.)

Just seems to me that to code your service to now allow mms in 2g mode is anti user. Thus I would use a service like Google voice or what's app. Ect

No technical reason that MMS would not work. See implementation by Fido and Vodafone...

Thanks for the info. It's not what I expected or what I wanted to hear. I really wanted to recommend Tello, but this will probably be a deal killer. I don't think my friend is up for the challenge of using anything other than what is native on their phone. Maybe I can do a test phone for them and load Hangouts and make it the default messaging service and see if they can use it,