Using Cellnuvo to pay for your primary cellphone line?

Over the last several months the family's cellphone payments seem to be going through very smoothly now....Thank you Tom and CellNUVO! We've only been using CellNUVO to pay for our secondary lines though. I'm curious how many folks have gone back to using them to pay for their primary lines where their monthly bills are closer to say $65 and up? I for one would love to be able to utilize GOLD to pay the entire family's monthly bills, but that would require lifting the 100 GOLD per month limit! Any thoughts?

I would say each member need to have their own CN account and swipe/pay for their own line... each member would be under the $100 cap/mo.

We have 2 primary accounts paid using CN gold. PEW is right, you need to get those other family members swiping and paying. I don't know if CN will let you pay to one family account from multiple CN accounts though, one would hope they understand people use family plans.

That's how mine works... 3 lines in one Sprint account... paid via 2 CN accounts.

I hope to start using CellNUVO gold to pay my monthly cellular bill as soon as CN adds Twigby to the list of payment choices on their app. My bill is normally less than $13 each month, so it shouldn't be too difficult to keep ahead with the swiping.

Could you not move to an mvno or prepaid with those main lines to lower the price. There are a lot of good options out there these days.

But yes multiple cellnuvo accounts would be required for over $100. You could do multiple yourself but yes getting family members to join in would be the best option!

I pay for 4 lines but it's Sprint's free-unlimited-for-a-year, so it's pretty easy to cover the ~$13 per month via swiping and occasional offers. If the bill was much more than that, I would definitely ask the other family members to swipe as well to defray the cost.

what the reason you asked that question? My payment last weekend went thru without any problem.

Everything should go through the cellnuvo app and it is working very well. There shouldn't be any issues but if you do have a problem contact cellnuvo support.