used tech

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do you put a dollar limit on used tech?


do you pay whatever the price to get the system/service you want?

I buy lots-- and I mean lots-- of used tech, although most of it isn't in the cellphone field. (Most of it is for my work, when I had work.)

My rule of thumb: never pay more than 50% of new 'street' value for used tech gear in verifiable good shape. (Although I've broken my own rule if it's something I really need, with limited availability, and low risk of needed repairs.) If it's something that has a limited physical lifespan (from wear and tear, not obsolescence), reduce that cost to allow for any likely repairs needed.
Some things rapidly price themselves out of contention when considering the likely/potential cost of repairs.

Beyond my percentage rule of thumb, no dollar limit. (It's easier for work-- if it will pay for itself, it's worth buying. If it won't pay for itself, it's not worth buying.)

this is quite interesting to me as i read a news article about the virus causing a shortage of chromebooks. shortage may be the wrong term per-se but its caused the demand for chromebooks to go higher. causing the price of older/used tech to skyrocket. i was perusing chromebooks on amazon after reading the article and was quite amazed at how many of them were passed off as new at new prices even after they have been end of lifed by google.
in our school district we pay for tech in our property taxes as part of a bond proposal. it basically puts a tech item into each students hand for the duration of the school year. with roll over to new tech every 4 yrs. 6th grade and above have chromebooks under 6th grade have ipads. so its safe to say our district is set. but my mind kept turning as i thought about how many districts didnt have the capital or bonds in place and placed that burden on the parents. i have a feeling alot of parents who need them will just buy because they need and dont realize its already past the update threshold.