US Mobile Verizon beta opens today

The verizon beta opens today. Note the $4 service fee. If you signed up in advance they gave you a free sim and 500mb data. I guess that is over now.

They also have unlimited plans now

Looks like the free sim is on a generic form so if you want to try here you go

US Mobile offers "build-a-plan" similar to Tello or Twigby. Prices aren't bad,, at a bit of a premium over those 2-- partially in the form of a base $2 (GSM) or $4 (CDMA-V) line fee.
Example: I looked at GSM 100 min, 300 text, 100mb for $10/mo.

I think they are trying to compete with Ting and undercut them. So not as cheap as some of the others but cheaper than ting. Their customer service is good for what I have experienced. Verizon service with a menu type plan is something new to the market I think. That might appeal.

I think you may be right about the VZW menu plan-- at least I can't recall any.
Do you know who their GSM carrier is? (I know, I'm being lazy. Don't let me encourage you to put effort in if you don't already know.)